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Morgan Christie is an established author who has made a significant impact in the literary world. Her works have appeared in several prestigious publications and presses, and she has won multiple prizes and awards over the years. She is an accomplished author who gives her readers fresh insight into pressing social issues related to feminism, politics, sports, family life, and racial disparities.

In one of her most recent works titled " genoux," Morgan Christie ventures beyond the physical act of kneeling, diving deep into its symbolic weight and exploring the rich tapestry of meanings it holds. Through eloquent poetry, Christie expertly captures the essence of Virginia Chihota's evocative artwork, creating a mesmerizing collection that delves into the delicate threshold between thought and action. As the reader journeys through the chapbook's pages, Christie's words pivot with disconcerting honesty between family, history, and memory, painting a captivating portrait of the complexities inherent in the simple act of kneeling.

Morgan Christie's literary prowess is often extolled by her admirers, with her precise, contemporary and emotionally perceptive writing resonating with readers long after they turn the last page. One fan describes Christie as "one of those writers whose stories will randomly pop into your head, seemingly unprovoked, for years to come." Christie's writing brims with an unfiltered authenticity that cuts to the core of the human experience, positioning her as an unparalleled and distinctive voice in the literary realm.

Christie's work often explores the intersection between personal experiences and larger social issues, making her writing both relatable and impactful. She has written on a range of topics, from the complexities of family relationships to the injustices faced by marginalized communities. Her writing is not only intriguing but also has the power to inspire readers to take action and effect change in their own lives and communities.

In " genoux," Christie continues to explore these themes through her poetic responses to Chihota's artwork. The chapbook is a testament to the power of collaboration between artists and writers, with Christie's words perfectly complementing the images in Chihota's work. Christie's poetry enlivens the act of kneeling, scrutinizing its political and spiritual connotations and how it has been both a tool of oppression and empowerment.


Morgan Christie is a true literary force, a writer whose unique and powerful voice echoes through the pages of her work. With raw honesty and thought-provoking insights, Christie's words pack a punch, leaving a lasting impression on readers. Her latest release, " genoux," is a testament to her talent as a writer, capturing the delicate balance of emotion and intellect that is the hallmark of her work. Her ability to take on complex themes and make them accessible to readers is a rare gift, and her authenticity as an author is both refreshing and inspiring. With each new work, Christie continues to blaze a trail through the literary world and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on all who encounter her words.

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