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5 steps for secret proposal preparation

20 Apr 2023, 14:06 GMT+10

Thinking about a proposal, you may choose to surprise your beloved at some wonderful location. If you know that your partner feels OK about surprises, this is an amazing way to propose. Yet such an emotional event requires good preparation. Whether you would like to arrange it in your hometown or travel to some picturesque region, you need to think about hiring a secret photographer for proposal. Professional will do a great job taking photos of your couple's emotions on this special day.

Talking about good planning, there are 5 general steps for secret proposal preparation. You may shorten or enlarge this list according to your ideas. Anyway, these recommendations will help you to stay sane during surprise planning.

Choose time and place

If you propose in the city where you are currently living, it would be good to choose some meaningful place. Maybe it will be the cafe where you first met or the place of your first date. Or the spot your partner really likes in this city. In case you are going to propose in some beautiful city, such as Charleston, SC, you may choose the most picturesque location based on your couple's preferences. Beaches, parks or historical districts are so good for having fun together.

Here is one more thing you need to remember while choosing the place: it would be great to find a restaurant where your couple could celebrate the proposal. If you know your partner prefers the exact type of food, pay attention to it and find a place with such food. Obviously, this preparation should be done in advance. On your proposal day you will be too overwhelmed, so all the necessary steps should be taken before this day.

Get prepared

Make sure you have everything you need for the proposal. If you are planning to get some decorations or flowers, find someone who will take care of them or take the necessary things with you. And, of course, do not forget the ring. It would also be good to practice your speech beforehand. This will help you to sound more confident.

Do not hesitate contacting your photographer for better preparation. Maybe they can help you with the props or decoration. Creative professionals tend to form local communities; thus, they can recommend each other if necessary. Working with reliable vendors will help to reduce the preparation stress and to arrange several things in the same place.

Get help

As you are planning to involve a secret photographer for proposal, ask them what they recommend for the surprise proposal. Experienced professionals may help you to behave properly, recommend other vendors in case you need some and handle unexpected situations.

Whether you are local or not, there is an impressive list of things you can do with the help of a professional photographer. As they know the area very well, they will help you to choose the right hours. Thus, the location is not so crowded and the lighting is good. Besides, you may check if parking is available at this spot.

A detailed plan is also something that can be developed with the help of the photographer. After discussing all details, you may even draw a small map. So, both of you will know the location of each other. As the secret photography is a bit of a complicated job, the more things you discuss, the more confident you will be on the proposal day.

Photographers create visual contents. Thus, they have a special vision and professional taste. Knowing the color scheme of the chosen location, they can recommend the most suitable outfit colors. So, you will not get lost in the photos and will not stand in stark contrast to the background. Professional attention to such details allows to create a balanced color palette in the photos. The ready photos will look stunning whether you will post them in social media or print them for your family album.

Be creative

Think about a memorable way to propose. Your couple is unique. There is always something that has a special meaning for the two of you. For example, if you have a favorite song, consider hiring musicians for your proposal. Or maybe there is a movie scene you would like to recreate. That would be so amazing. Your partner will never forget such a proposal.

The US south is full of beautiful places. For example, Charleston, SC and its area are very picturesque. Besides, it has a mild climate with numerous sunny days during the year. Almost every place in this city is suitable for photo sessions. Local plantations and trees covered with Spanish Moss look incredibly romantic. In the sunset hour such locations are lit with golden light. This is better than any movie scene you can imagine.

Being creative at such an inspiring place is so easy. But if you are too nervous and need help, ask your photographer for places and ideas. Being overwhelmed is so normal. Experienced professionals will help you to deal with preparation. This, in turn, will help you to deal with stress.

Respect your partner's wishes

Never forget about honouring your partner's wishes. If you know their opinion about a public or private proposal, never ignore it. The result of your surprise depends on it. Being caring, respectful and attentive to each other is crucial for any relationship.

Regardless of the secret proposal type you've chosen (public or private), the photographer will be invisible while you are proposing. Perfect location of the professional will allow to take the most emotional and sincere photos of your beloved reacting to your proposal.

And one more thing: be sincere and genuine in your proposal. Good luck!

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