Thu, 21 Sep 2023

Cybersecurity is something that every business owner should be aware of these days. It's no secret that cybercrime is rising and unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Reports show that the number of people being hacked will reach 800,000 in 2023.

If you want to avoid suffering from a cyberattack, avoiding common errors with online security is essential. Below are four of the most common mistakes companies make when dealing with common cyber threats.

  1. Weak Authentication

Passwords are the gateway to your online accounts. You can't afford to have your employees use weak passwords and compromise your systems.

Require password complexity to secure everything. Every password should have at least eight characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one unique character.

Where possible, also include two-factor authentication (2FA). Hackers still have the tools to compromise accounts without the need for passwords. A 2FA system means nobody can access an account without getting a secondary code from another device.

  1. Not Securing Remote Workers

Remote work has become common in the workplace. Since the pandemic, people have gotten a taste of working from home. Many of those people want to stay there to make the most of their time and stay productive.

However, remote workers carry additional risks. If people don't work from secure locations, they risk compromising your network when connecting.

Get a VPN for these users. A VPN encrypts all internet traffic, meaning nobody snooping on traffic can see what's happening on your workers' computers.

  1. Avoiding Backups

The best security measures aren't enough to protect your data in every situation. You don't only have to worry about hackers. You must also contend with potential data loss because of equipment failure and employee mistakes.

Without file backups, you're out of luck when this happens. You'll need to recreate what you lost manually, and in some cases, you won't be able to do this.

Use online security tools to schedule backups of your important files. Backing data up will allow you to restore lost data and get back up and running quickly.

  1. Skipping Active Monitoring

Although you can get a lot of security by being proactive and taking security measures, it can only get you so far. There are constantly new attacks launched each year and constant attempts to infiltrate systems.

You need systems in place to monitor your network and look for problems. You can purchase hardware and software to do this yourself or work with a managed EDR security company to have a professional digital security team handle the job.

Don't Make Errors With Online Security

There are many parts of your business where mistakes aren't a huge deal - but online security isn't one of those areas. It only takes one mistake to compromise your business network. If you don't put systems in place for protecting business data, you're taking too big of a risk with your business.

However, there are several errors with online security you can learn about to fortify your business network against attacks. Now that you know those mistakes, do everything possible to avoid making them.

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