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Titanium Earrings: best types of earrings

10 Jan 2023, 18:07 GMT+10

Titanium earrings really are some of the best types of earrings to consider for your first earrings or for an everyday wear. Piercing with titanium comes with a number of advantages over other types of materials. Here are some of the best reasons to consider getting a titanium earring for one of your first piercings:

Nickel free construction:

All of the titanium earrings we have in stock are created nickel free. Nickel is one of the most common allergies that people experience with their jewellery but titanium will not contain any form of nickel which can be present in many forms of jewellery. If you have ever had a reaction to your jewellery before, you should consider the option of trying titanium to eliminate the same problems.

Light but strong:

Titanium earrings are some of the most durable choices that you can make for your earring choices. What is most impressive about this form of earring is that it is often much lighter than other forms of jewellery and it won't cause the same type of fatigue that you might experience in wearing heavier jewellery options. With the added strength, you can have a set of earrings that can last you for many years.

Options for Anodization:

The darker colors present in Titanium make it easy to change into other colors. Stainless steel does not always offer the same option. Dying titanium into some other colors can be much easier and through the electrochemical process, you can make sure that the color change is more permanent. Rather than choosing options that may have flaky outer coatings, this is a solution for earrings that will be more permanent.


If you are looking for a pair of earrings that can be versatile and meet a number of fashion options, these are a great choice. Titanium can be elegant but without being extremely flashy. You can create a subtle look and have something that is going to be very lightweight and fashionable.

Will not bend:

The earrings we produce are built out of solid pieces of titanium. As a result, you get an earring shape that will not bend. If you have ever had earrings that easily bend or look off center, this is a great solution. The earring shape does not change as you wear them and can't be crushed through improper storage.


The association of professional piercers recommends implant-grade titanium earrings for beginners. The materials here are some of the top options that professional piercers look for when they are seeking out safe products for their clients.

If you are interested in learning more about titanium earrings or getting a good quality pair of titanium earrings for yourself, check out what we have in stock on Erica Jewels today. Our selection of titanium flat back earrings can provide you with plenty of options to get this unique look for your accessories. We produce these earrings using a solid titanium and with plenty of finish options to suit your needs!

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