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14 Techniques To Keep Your House Safe

02 Jan 2023, 00:14 GMT+10

 Top Recommendations For Home Safety

It shouldn't be difficult to maintain your home secure; it should be a place where you can feel joyful and safe. You can significantly improve your level of tranquility with only a few straightforward steps.

1. Watch over your house

You can see and hear what is occurring inside and outside of your home with the help of our selection of security cameras.

Are you interested in finding the most trustworthy security system in San Antonio? Only the highest quality Honeywell alarm systems and other items for smart homes are sold here. Because we offer an alarm monitoring service in San Antonio that requires no contracts, we are the most trusted security company in San Antonio.

2. Illuminate the front garden and drive

Intruders prefer to work in the shadows, so lighting up the garden at night is an excellent method to scare them away. Additionally, it can make navigation safer for both you and your guests.

The best choice is to install motion-activated security lights at the front or back of your house.

3. Construct a visual alarm for security

An outside security alarm might help to keep burglars away from your home. Additionally, it may be worth checking with your provider because some home insurance companies give a discount for approved alarms.


4. Store extra keys securely

Delete the habit of hiding spare keys behind a planter in the front yard. The keys are safely stored in a wall-mounted key safe, especially if it is hidden. They can survive sawing and hammering thanks to their strengthened body. Using a combination code, any guests can access the house keys without the need for additional sets.

5. Check the person at the door

Even when you're not at home, you can observe, hear, and speak to visitors thanks to a smart video doorbell. They come in helpful if you want to verify who is at your door before you answer it or while you are out, in addition to letting the delivery person know where to leave a package while you are away. You can use your phone to view what's going on outside your front door even if the bell doesn't ring because notifications can be delivered when motion is detected.

6. Protect your exterior structures

Protect your building with safe windows and powerful door locks because outside structures are frequently easy targets. Also, think about including an alarm; they are simple to install and perfect for securing not only your shed but also your garage or outbuilding. Also, don't forget about the things in your shed. it's simple to assume that there isn't much in there, the tools kept there could be employed to enter your home. Lock ladders and step ladders safely to a post or wall using a chain and padlock to prevent this.

7. Secure garden treasures

Any patio furniture or outside decorations should be secured using wall and floor anchors, a padlock, and a firm surface such as a patio. This can be particularly crucial on the front lawn, where opportunistic burglars are more likely to pass by. Additionally, keep your hanging baskets in place by securing them to the chain and bracket using cable ties. This will make it slightly more difficult for thieves to pinch your blossom.

8. Lock the vehicle

Prospective thieves will find your car to be a more alluring target if you park it in a driveway as opposed to a garage. With driveway security posts or bollards, you can create a visual and physical deterrent. Choose between retractable posts that may simply drop into the ground when you need them out of the way or straightforward lock-up and down posts.

9. Resurface gravel driveways and walks

Gravel is noisy underfoot, but it can help you hear visitors coming before they reach your front door. If your front drive, garden, or paths are graveled, be sure to keep them topped off so that walking on them produces the loudest crunch possible.

10. Choose plants to keep intruders away

Consider growing dense, prickly plants or hedges on, or around, the perimeter of your home to deter intruders from entering your property. Try Ilex, Pyracantha, Chaenomeles, Osmanthus, or Pyracantha.


11. Keep valuables hidden

When not in use, keep your valuables locked away or out of sight. Invest in a safe to save your most valuable possessions.

Look for safes with strong bolts that can be fastened to walls or floors when selecting one. Or how about a concealed under-floor safe that may be installed in between the joists?

12. Consider where you'll put your keys

Keep your keys away from the front door since burglars have been known to use magnets to "fish" for house and car keys via a letterbox. With the use of an amplifier and transmitter, keyless cars might be stolen. By keeping the keys in a metal key box to block signals, you can aid in the prevention of this high-tech crime.

13. Fake being at home while you're not

Make your home appear occupied while you're away because vacant properties are more likely to be targeted by criminals.

By turning on and off the lights or the radio, you can trick opportunistic robbers into thinking you are home even when you are not.

When you're away from home, you can control your smart plugs and lights using your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use programmable timers to command appliances to turn on and off automatically.

14. Improve the locks on your windows and doors

By enhancing their security, you can make it harder for burglars to use weak windows or doors as entry points.

The weakest spot on a property-where passersby are less likely to see what is going on-is typically where the majority of forced entry burglaries are carried out. French doors are especially prone to attack. Padlocks are simply installed on the inside of the doors and can be opened without the use of a key or code in a matter of seconds.





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