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Top Ways to Receive Money as a Freelancer

28 Nov 2022, 22:51 GMT+10

Although freelancing has been there for a long time, the epidemic has intensified this trend even more.

One of the main reasons that people prefer freelancing over jobs is obviously the greatest earnings they can get in exchange for their valuable services. Statista proves this by showing a 2020 survey according to which, 65% of American freelancers make more money than they used to make at their jobs.

With a lot of people freelancing whether part-time or full-time, they can all agree on one point: managing your own billing activities is no fun at all. However, with the right payment methods, it can be a lot easier.

So, in this post, we've discussed five of the finest payment methods to be paid as a freelancer for those who want to spend more time earning and less time chasing after payments.

With that said, let's get straight into it!

1. PayPal

A free invoicing function is offered by a third-party platform known as PayPal. The distinction is that PayPal Invoicing offers multi currency support and international capabilities, which is ideal if you often freelance internationally. With PayPal Invoicing, you may start an invoice with a selection of templates that are fully editable and allow you to include your logos, contact details, and other unique elements. If the client approves the price, you can utilize the app to submit an estimate and instantly turn it into an invoice with a click.

In the US, PayPal now charges 3.49% + $0.49 for every invoiced transaction, deducted when the consumer pays, as a result of a recent increase in processing fees. Variations on cross-border also apply as this is the equivalent amount PayPal takes for online credit card processing. Additionally, PayPal is accessible in more than 200 countries but prior to creating an account, make sure your country is eligible because some countries can only send money and can't receive it.

2. Payoneer

It is the second most used payment software for both employers and freelancers. Payoneer is a secure and reliable payment platform that enables you to accept payments from abroad, send money abroad, and withdraw cash whenever it's convenient for you. You only need valid identification, your phone number, and an email address to open a Payoneer account.

Freelancers adore its excellent user interface because it is simple to use and operate. A $3 fee is charged by Payoneer for each transaction. It establishes a minimum $150 withdrawal limit and a $100,000 monthly withdrawal cap. Before choosing Payoneer as your preferred payment platform, make sure your country is supported by it as it offers its services to over 150 specific countries.

3. Wise

Wise (originally TransferWise) gives freelancers an affordable, accessible option to take payments internationally. Wise is able to charge such minimal costs because it has bank accounts in the countries where it conducts business. When someone in another country pays you, their money is sent to the local Wise bank account. Since the payment itself doesn't traverse international boundaries, currency conversion fees and the majority of other expenses are also excluded.

Depending on the kind of currency to be sent and retrieved, Wise's costs typically range between 0.4 and 1.4% of the transferred amount. Fortunately, the online calculator will take care of the math. TransferWise provides functionality for freelancers and enterprises that must support international payroll in addition to its money transfer services. A batch payment solution that can process up to 1,000 transactions at once is very notable. In most circumstances, payments typically come within one to two days, making this alternative even quicker.

4. Stripe

Every size of company or organization can use the financial services provided by Stripe, an online payment system. Its incredibly simple API for the sites of large and small companies is its most alluring feature. Despite being primarily designed to provide services to corporations, Stripe also provides its services to individuals.

Stripe can also be used to accept and handle payments from private persons. Stripe is widely used for transactions by businesses and independent contractors. Stripe is only accessible in 46 countries, so prior to using it, make sure your country is on its list.

5. Wave

Wave generates revenue by processing payments, earning commissions on loans, handling payroll, and providing expert bookkeeping services. Just three invoicing templates are provided, but they are stylish, modern, and adaptable. Wave encourages you to set up reminders, log payments, and send receipts after an invoice has been received. Additionally, Wave provides recurring billing. The wave includes a good dashboard for invoices where you can view past-due invoices, pending invoices, the typical number of days it takes to pay an invoice, and your upcoming paycheck.

With Wave, there are no arbitrary restrictions on invoicing, contacts, goods, or other services. The system enables numerous businesses and also provides personal accounting. Wave takes 2.9% + $0.30 for each credit card transaction, and it takes two days to process them. Additionally, it supports 160+ different currencies, and daily exchange rate updates are made. There are no ads on Wave, and you can always delete your account whenever you want.

Generating Paystubs When You're Self-Employed

All entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and freelancers must have their pay stubs or other forms of income proof on hand. It is best to have a document to record their earnings, deductions, and the amount they will owe in taxes because this group typically does not earn a consistent income.

A Pay stub generator is simple to use and can generate your income details within minutes. If you're getting a mortgage, vehicle loan, or credit card, this can be helpful, since self-employed people may face additional requirements to demonstrate reliable income.

Wrap Up

Although there are many different ways to pay freelancers, these 5 are among the most widely used methods. They enable freelancers to communicate with their clients, collect payment for services delivered and guarantee the success of upcoming projects. Each method has its own benefits and depending on the needs, freelancers will find one to be more suitable than the other.

However, always consider the expense of making immediate withdrawals from your account when choosing the best free payment method. Many of the options we explored above don't charge extra for like one to three days. Some incorporate extra fees but they usually apply if you require access to your money right away.

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