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Help refugees in simple ways

24 Nov 2022, 02:33 GMT+10

There are many ways to help refugees. Some are simple and some require more effort, but all of them make a difference.

Here are 5 things you can do to help refugees:

Donate online to help refugees

Bonyan Organization is one of the refugee protection and assistance organizations. They provide life-saving aid and protection to refugees forced to flee their homes due to conflict.

The Bonyan Organization works to ensure that everyone has the right to find safe refuge, to access education, to access healthcare.

You can donate online to the Bonyan Organization to help support their lifesaving work for refugees.

Volunteer with a local organizations to help refugees

There are many ways to volunteer with refugees.

You can donate your time, money, or supplies to organizations that help refugees.

You can also volunteer at local events or fundraisers.

Some ways to volunteer with refugees:

  • Donate money to an organization that helps refugees.
  • Volunteer at a local refugee resettlement agency.
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or soup kitchen.
  • Volunteer with a literacy program for refugees.
  • Mentor a refugee child in school.

Help refugees in your community integrate and feel welcome

Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict or persecution.

Many refugees struggle to integrate into their new communities.

They may face language barriers, discrimination, and poverty.

You can help refugees in your community feel welcome and adjust to their new lives.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Learn about the refugee experience and the issues they face. This will help you understand what they are going through and how you can best support them.
  • Volunteer with or donate to organizations that work with refugees. These organizations can help with everything from housing and food to legal assistance and language classes.
  • Be an advocate for refugees in your community. Speak up if you see someone being mistreated because of their background or religion.
  • Advocate for refugees both locally and nationally

    There are many ways to advocate for refugees both locally and nationally.

    Some ways to get involved include:

    • Write letters or make phone calls to local and national representatives expressing your support for refugee resettlement
    • Attend rallies, marches, or protests in support of refugees
    • Donate time or money to organizations that work with refugees
    • Educate yourself and others about the refugee crisis and what people can do to help

    Help refugee children access education

    The Bonyan Organization is working to help children who have been forced to flee their homes access education.

    Bonyan Organization believes that education is a fundamental right for all children, regardless of their circumstances.

    Bonyan Organization is working to provide educational opportunities for children living in camps and shelters.

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