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Did you know that there is a new generation that is in love with collecting Chinese ceramics? There are many types of ceramics out there that are perfect for decorating your home. If you're new to the life of becoming a Chinese ceramic collector then there are certain steps that you should look at taking to find the best pieces within your Chinese ceramics budget.

Knowing the different palettes and glazes will ensure that you're getting the best pieces to add to your collection each time you're on the hunt. The good news is that you've found the perfect guide to learn all about decorating with Chinese ceramics in your home or office.

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Handle Different Types of Ceramics

The best way to know that you're holding the real thing is to get your hands on as many Chinese ceramics as possible. The Chinese artisans have copied the methods of the original makers of ceramics, though that isn't a guarantee that you're getting the real thing.

If you're in the market to purchase more Chinese ceramics then it's best to do so at an auction house. Auction houses will allow you to hold and handle the ceramics prior to making a purchase. It's a great experience that will help you learn what true Chinese ceramics feel like in your hands.

Learn About Palettes and Glazes

The methods behind palettes and glazes have changed with time, and knowing the different palettes and glazes will make it much easier to identify the time period that your China is from. The Kangxi period of palettes and glazes occurred in the 17th century, and featured a mix of green, with some red, blue, yellow, and black mixed in. It's also important that you know the valuable chinese pottery marks.

Look Underneath the Piece

Looking underneath the piece is another key tip if you're looking to start collecting Chinese ceramics. Each dynasty in ancient China had a different way of cutting, glazing, and painting its pieces. This is great because you'll have a much easier time determining how old a piece of China is.

It's also a great way of ensuring that you're not getting ripped off by a scammer. Many scammers don't have the original piece to make their copy off of. They have no way of knowing what the bottom of the piece is supposed to look like, which makes it a giveaway that it's a fake piece.

Start Collecting Chinese Ceramics Today

If you want to start collecting Chinese ceramics then you need to know the right tips and pointers for spotting the real thing. Make sure that you look underneath the piece for signs that it is real, and learn more about the different palettes and glazes that each dynasty used. You should also seize chances to handle real types of ceramics to know what they feel like when in your hands.

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