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Real Lightsabers: Are They Possible To Get?

16 Nov 2022, 06:33 GMT+10

One of the most recognizable features of the Star Wars universe is the lightsaber. They are used in films and on the packaging of various products. They have been parodied or copied in several films and television shows. In the hands of passionate fans are original designs and replica hilts. The French Fencing Federation has officially sanctioned lightsaber dueling.

So, is the real lightsaber from Disney worth it? This lightsaber seems like it would be a fantastic addition to any Star Wars fan's collection. This model lightsaber appears to have a groundbreaking design that will change the way fans view their beloved collectible.

What Are Real Lightsabers?

Real lightsabers, such as those used by Qui Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker, are capable of slicing through steel and deflecting the beams of powerful laser weapons. A lightsaber's proper use required years of training in the Force, and even then it required many more years to achieve true mastery.

Is It Possible To Have A Real Lightsaber?

Even though the technology behind such a potent weapon is purely fictional, there are a plethora of lightsabers available on the market for fans of all backgrounds.

Of course, lightsabers sold under the Disney license in the real world can't slash through solid objects. While they may not be compatible with other Star Wars Lego sets, that doesn't stop fans from buying them to display alongside their existing collections or play out their favorite battles with friends.

Many products catered to both players and despite this, a common pattern emerged among them.

Most models required a flick of the wrist to release a series of interlocking parts that otherwise wouldn't pop out until the user slid them out and locked them in place.

It was possible to give the model another flick after waiting for the 'plasma blade' to retract (though 'retracting' the blade often involved a ritualistic downward push with the hands).

Another common method uses multiple pieces that snap into place to simulate an extended blade (or switch the colors).

Several of them developed methods by which models could glow and even make noises, just like in the movies.

However, even though companies and fans all over the world have made countless variations of replica props, the retractable part appears to be the most challenging to replicate.

In What Ways Do Lightsabers Function As Blades?

The slashing part of a lightsaber is said to be made of plasma, according to decades of canon, film, and fan speculation.

Plasma, an energetic gas made up of charged particles, is frequently used in industries for this purpose. Compressed air and an ionized gas stream create a circuit with the material to be cut, allowing current to flow and melt the material.

Extreme temperatures, sometimes exceeding 20,000 degrees Celsius, are another danger to your protocol droid, rendering it a dripping pile of scrap.

You may have trouble chopping down a tree or shattering a window, but you won't have any trouble slicing the arm of a ravenous wampa.

Regardless, plasma streams have applications outside of the manufacturing sector. Ionized particle 'blades' that operate at low temperatures have been developed; these can be used to destroy microbes and, in theory, can be increased in power to cauterize small areas of flesh.

Reasons To Choose Zia Sabers To Buy A Real Lightsaber

Typically, when people think of lightsabers, they picture the epic battles between two masters. The whir of a power generator as it waits, the buzz of a laser blade, and the clash of two lightsabers in combat. So, if you want to have a real lightsaber, you do not need to look further. Here are the reasons, why you should choose us:

The Zia saber is designed for this very purpose, transporting the user to the heart of the Star Wars galaxy with all the conveniences of a modern lightsaber.

The Zia saber is designed to withstand the most intense battles and boasts the industry's loudest soundboard, so you can always hear every slash and parry.

We also make our sabers in a way that makes it easy to take them apart and swap out components to suit your needs, should you so choose..

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