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Many students will definitely tell you that learning is not easy, but did you know it can also be fun if you go to Instagram? Indeed, we all know that IG is a perfect place to look at aesthetic photos, follow the events in your friends' lives, and even go shopping. But what about learning?

Believe it or not, there are many great accounts out there that will make your studying process more effective and enjoyable. Let's have a look at the best ones!

If you are one of those billions of people who use Instagram daily, you definitely thought about boosting your profile. Did you know that you can purchase some real followers and likes to make your account even better? You won't have to pay much for 50 new fans if you buy Instagram followers from an affordable but reliable service.


NASA Goddard is a unique account run by Goddard Space Flight Center. It is the best online space for those who are interested in Astronomy and want to learn something from real experts.

On their profile, you can feel like you have visited a museum: mini-tours, amazing space photographs, and even space observers. Astonishing wallpapers in Stories highlights will be a nice bonus for space theme lovers.


There is hardly an art lover who doesn't know about the Smithsonian museum group. If you are interested in various art and cultural movements, following this account is a must.

First of all, it is simply aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, you can admire different art objects in the comfort of your home. Finally, this account will always offer you room for personal growth.


The goal of TED Talk is to spread ideas, and it is confirmed by this account's bio. And this profile is all about sharing ideas too.

You can find many great speeches, interviews, motivational quotes, and tons of interesting facts here every day. We definitely recommend following this one, as it may become a great source of inspiration for you.


This is not just an ordinary Instagram account. Quizlet is a renowned project that facilitates students' learning process. Established in 2005, it has helped millions of students to learn easier and effectively. This project helps to make cards in various subjects in such fields as Arts and Humanities, Math, Science, and many others.

Their IG account is also worth visiting. Every day, they post interesting educational posts, create funny memes, and even run various giveaways. Quizlet is a great example of how learning can be fun.


All English learners know that this language can boast of huge vocabulary and polysemy. But you can overcome this challenge together with Daily English Vocabulary Words, an account that has the motto "Learn together grow together" in its bio.

What makes this account so special is that it is not just one more learning page. It's their engaging and original manner to present the new words to their followers that made them popular. They post various short extracts from popular TV series, shows, or even the latest scandalous Depp vs. Herd trial. Definitely a fun way to learn some new lexicon!


Are you a fan of reading? Then this account is for you! Subway Book Review is a project created by Uli Beutter Cohen, a USA-based documentarian. It began almost 10 years ago when Uli was traveling by subway and documenting people reading books on their way.

Since then, she has made more than 1,100 posts. She captures stories of ordinary people (and sometimes even celebrities) and their book reviews. This profile is definitely worth following if you want to add some new items to your bucket list.


No matter if you are a history lover or just a student who needs to have their homework done, this account is definitely worth your attention. History in Pictures is posting the most fascinating history moments captured in photos. Some of them are unfairly unpopular, and who knows, maybe one of these events becomes a subject for your next project.

This account is great in all senses, but the best thing about it is that all these amazing and rare photos are accompanied by informative posts. There is also a website in the account bio, so you can learn something new there as well.


Maggie is a 24-years old blogger from London, the UK who is famous for her colorful sketchbooks and learning schemes. She believes that it is much easier to memorize some information if it is properly organized and noted. Besides, it is really fun to make such small masterpieces! One way or another, her eye-appealing journal notes won't leave you indifferent.


If you're learning English or just want to expand your vocabulary and brush up on your grammar, you won't find a better account than BBC Learning English. BBC is famous for its amazing learning website, and these days they keep up the pace with social media trends.

They don't just make posts; they offer great challenges on a variety of topics. Quizzes with clear explanations are particularly popular on this page. You will also find many other interactives and rubrics, such as 6-minute English.


This account is a real treasure for moms and dads of elementary school students. We all know that in order for a child to learn effectively, it should be fun and very interesting (children's attention span is only 15 minutes, so this is a real challenge).

Interesting crafts, games, ideas for themed holidays - this profile can offer you anything for exciting learning. They also often share posts of other teachers or creative parents, so if you have anything to tell the world, you can become an Instagram star!

How to make your own educational blog popular?

Suppose you have been inspired by those amazing profiles and decided to create your own to help other studies improve their academic results. But what should you do to survive this competition? Read on to get some valuable tips on how to make your account worth following.

Offer great value

If you know everything about learning, then share your best pieces of knowledge! Trivial advice won't make you a popular educational blogger. The problem is that there are many different blogs about learning on this platform, so your task is to stand out.

Come up with a feature that will associate your followers with you and your account. Make some unique hashtags so that your audience can share your word. No matter what you do, you should do it creatively.

Pay attention to visuals

You definitely know that learners perceive information visually more effectively than auditory. That's why all you need are pictures, graphs, and tables! They need to be visually appealing (with pleasant colors and fonts), informative, and brief. Nobody expects to see a long and boring lecture on IG!

Find your niche

Of course, you can just run an educational blog with simple tips and tricks. But is it really something you always wanted? It is much better to dedicate your account to the subjects you are really passionate about. For example, if you are a great writing expert, you can create a blog on storytelling and/or academic writing. If your favorite subject is Math, go for it! What is done well is well done.

Final Thoughts

Studying can be a fun and exciting journey if you find a bit of motivation and inspiration, and Instagram can help you greatly with this! Everyone can find something here: teachers, students, and even parents. The most important thing is to know where to look, and we hope this post assisted you greatly in this task.

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