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Everything You Need to Know about BB Glow Treatment

05 Oct 2022, 01:33 GMT+10

Did you ever wake up feeling like you just don't want to do your makeup? You can have perfect skin, but some troubles like uneven tone can still bother you, so adding a foundation is an important procedure in cases like that.

Luckily, there is a BB Glow procedure ‒ an innovative semi-permanent makeup technique that adds a glowing no-makeup finish with even skin color to your skin.

This is a delicate treatment that has to be performed by a skilled permanent makeup artist: https://pmu-annakara.com/bb-glow/. To figure out if this treatment suits you, continue reading this BB Glow review article.

What is BB Glow treatment?

The BB glow procedure is a minimally invasive, non-surgical option for those who want to have an even skin color without applying foundation on a daily basis. A very small and thin needle is used to probe the skin before applying a tinted pigment. It also supports collagen production and skin renewal. The BB Glow serum gives your skin the color tone you want while also adding nutrients, creating a double effort to rejuvenate the look of your face.

The treatment has a few stages to ensure perfect results you can notice right away:

  • Cleansing. Using the cleanser matching your skin type, the artist effectively removes the remnants of the dirt and oil.
  • Exfoliation. This is the next step in the cleansing stage. Exfoliation gently cleans the pores while also removing dead skin cells from the surface. It's a very important step that gets the skin completely ready for the main part of the treatment.
  • After a ph balancing using toner solution, an artist uses microscopic needles to inject booster serum ‒ a serum that matches your skin type and improves the future effects of the BB Glow treatment.
  • Next, a BB Glow serum is injected with these tiny needles. It almost looks like an infusion as the treatment covers a significant area with every stroke. It can be combined with a slightly tinting pigment to cover up minor skin conditions like old post-acne or small hyperpigmentation spots.
  • After that, a hydrating mask is applied over the serum to calm the skin and nourish it with moist and important micronutrients.
  • As a result, you get truly glowing and smooth skin that looks almost like you have just applied that Estee Lauder foundation. The effect stays for a long time ‒ up to 2-3 months without a touch-up.

    Is it safe?

    This treatment is completely safe if no contraindications are met. These contraindications include:

    • allergic reactions to any of serums' components;
    • intake of medicine that affects blood clotting;
    • visible wounds and damages on the treatment area.

    Other than that, you're good to go. This treatment won't scar your skin, and it's an almost non-invasive procedure ‒ in comparison with some other facial treatments, it has a lot of benefits.

    The benefits of BB Glow

    So, let's review what this treatment can do for your skin.

    First of all, you get a smooth, no-makeup look for at least 2 months ‒ think of all that money you can save on foundations and concealers.

    Also, the BB Glow treatment can be customized to your individual skin color, and the result will look as natural as possible. Not to mention you will notice the radiant result right after the treatment ‒ a nice glow with a feeling of well-treated and hydrated skin.

    The BB Glow treatment also reduces your fine lines and wrinkles ‒ not like Botox injections do, of course, but these things will be noticeably less visible.

    This procedure is also great for covering up dark circles under your eyes ‒ but instead of a few hours, the effect will last for weeks.

    Also, with BB Glow treatment, you might notice that any of your SPF creams start to work more efficiently. This is because the pigments and serums applied during the treatment cover up melanin, saving you from sunburns a little. That doesn't mean, though, that you should put your SPF away ‒ you still have to use it in order to prevent photo-aging processes.

    Find out if this is the right procedure for you

    BB Glow is your go-to treatment in case you want to achieve a healthy no-makeup makeup look for longer than just a few hours. It's a safe treatment with a small number of contraindications. It doesn't scar your skin, and after a few months, the effect will slowly fade away.

    The most important part of going through this procedure is to choose a well-trained permanent makeup artist who will help you throughout the treatment and explain every step of it if needed.

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