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WOTLK Classic Unholy Death Knight - 7 Things Note

19 Sep 2022, 22:51 GMT+10

In World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Unholy Death Knight has always been a character that players focus on. We need to consider the stat priority Unholy Death Knight should take. After breaking down the basic priorities, we'll discuss caps and other situations in more detail that may require you to choose stats more cleverly.

Hit Rating Caps

First of all, if you're going to play Unholy Death Knight, you have to have at least an 8% hit rate or you won't be able to play Unholy DK at all. This is where the 263 Hit Rating comes in, you can use the following calculations:

  • 263 Hit Cap / 32.8 Hit Rating = ~8% Hit Needed

The 32.8 in the equation represents the fact that a 32.8 hit rating is required to convert to a 1% hit.

The more the Hit Rating is above 263, the better the benefit for Unholy DK. The more you stack, the more likely your dual wield attacks will land as well as your AoE spells: Death and Decay and Blood Boil.

Strength Priority

There is absolutely no limit to the strength attribute, and you can use any and all favorable resources to increase the strength of your character, such as WOTLK Classic Gold, potion and other consumables. While it's good when the character has high Agility and is quicker to dodge attacks in combat, this doesn't give Unholy Death Knight any attack power.

  • 1 Strength = 2 Attack Power

Haste Priority

In addition to Hit Rating and Strength, Haste is also the most important Death Knight stat. The higher your Haste, the more attacks you can make in less time. Moreover, having a higher Hit Rating will greatly enhance the character's Haste, the attack frequency will be further increased, and the strike will be more accurate. And for the stronger Unholy Death Knight, their Haste buff is stronger, and even pets will get a certain Haste buff.

  • 21 Haste Rating = 1% Attack Speed Boost

Critical Strike Rating Cap

It would be great if our character had a super high Critical Strike Rating. However, due to its own shortcomings, it may not be activated every round, and its practicality is still not as helpful as Hit Rating and Haste.

When you hit a crit, the enemy takes double damage, but it does require more stats to convert to 1% crit rating than the other stats explained earlier.

  • 1% Critical Strike Chance = 45.91 Crit Rating


The higher your Expertise stat, the harder it is for enemies to block your attacks. Another way of saying it is that you can think of it as a Hit Rating.

  • 1% Decrease in Chance to Parry or Dodge = 32.8 Expertise Rating
  • 1 Expertise 'Point' = 8.2 Expertise Rating

Example: Enemies at level 83 have a 6.5% chance to dodge or parry your attacks. After doing the calculations, you'll need around 214 Expertise Rating to hit the cap and make sure every strike against the enemy is effective.

Another surprise is that if you have other buffs and talents, then you don't need to reach such a high level to hit the enemy with precision.

For Unholy Death Knight, you're better off using the Rage of Rivendare talent, which increases your Expertise by 5. The above conversion formula (1 Expertise 'Point' = 8.2 Expertise Rating) can be obtained, you only need 173 Expertise Rating to reach the hit cap.

Whether your race has Sword, Axe, or Mace Specialization Racial Abilities will also affect the actual performance of Expertise.

Armor Penetration

Armor Penetration is the best way to deal with enemies with high armor. When you are attacking an enemy, your attack will ignore some of the enemy's armor and deal more damage.

  • 8 Armor Pen Rating = 1% Armor Penetration Value

If you happen to have an Armor Pen Rating of 13.8, which means your attacks ignore 1% of the enemy's armor, that 1% damage is inevitable!

Attack Power & Agility for Death Knights

Attack Power & Agility are very important in character development in any MMORPG. But of these seven details, they are the least important of all the stats listed, and should only be used if none of the other options above exist. Because Strength is more practical than Attack Power, and Critical Strike Rating is better than Haste. That's why Attack Power & Agility came last.

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