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22 expert cold calling techniques that really work

31 Aug 2022, 18:51 GMT+10

We have often seen how sales representatives get frightened when they hear the words cold calling. Is it a cause of worry or just a state of mind! Because with the right telecalling software and tools is the practice of calling completely new customers to gain their interest in the products and services offered by the company. However, putting it into a bucket of worry will not be a great choice. Instead, understanding the facts and implementing some soft skills in day-to-day sales approaches can overcome the difficulty.

Let's discuss some effective cold calling techniques:-

1. Research

Getting into a decent conversation on the first cold call is difficult but a little research about prospects may be an added advantage to their values. Knowing customers is important.

2. Draft script

After research, the next best thing is to prepare an outline of what you wanna say on a cold call. It will give the confidence to communicate properly.

3. Impressive opening and closing

Greetings are always a part of the culture, whether it's a business or society. Consumer observes behavior first then they show their interest.

4. Voice tone

Voice modulation plays a major role in pitching products. The use of formal and informal tones gives the comfort in delivering more information to customers.

5. Interpersonal skills

There is forever a chance for improvement and learning. It can be product knowledge, market knowledge

6. Get appointments whenever required

Sometimes, time constraints can be an issue hence, the best practice is to ask consumers about the right time to talk.

7. Practice

Regular practices help in flourishing skills and make you an achiever.

8. Share USP of products and services

There are a lot of competitors out there who may offer the same products and services. Ensure to share positive attributes of products and how it is beneficial and why to buy from your company.

9. Value time

Time is a valuable asset, use it wisely. Keep a short and sweet call, not too much information and calls.

10. Build trust

Building trust on the first call is difficult but references from potential and regular customers can help here.

11. Always stick to your purpose

The purpose of cold calling is to convince customers to buy products and services. 'More focus, fewer distractions.

12. Give special offers and discounts

Treating customers right and giving them privileges with attractive offers can help to gain their attention.

13. Listen first then speak

Don't just be a speaker, learn to be a listener. Avoid rushing during cold calls, rather give time to the customer to speak. Two-way communication lends time to know customer expectations better.

14. Accept rejection and move on

Rejections are indeed painful but this is the beauty of a sales role, you have a long list of prospects. So, don't let your positivity overcome your rejection. 'Keep a mindset of a winner.'

15. Follow-ups

Customers may find follow-up calls irritating but sales reps need to make sure they use different mediums like emails, and messages to share great deals to attract and updated.

16. Keep a track of the call sheet

Managing your call list and keeping a track record of each customer is helpful to avoid


Other useful tips:

17. Ask open-ended questions over the call then

18. Social proof influences behavior

19. Create an optimum surrounding environment before calling.

20. Keep coming back to the problem they want to be solved

21. Always be in a good and positive mood to make calls

22. Keep the closing calls simple and encumbered


Never hesitate, never impersonate

Pick up your phone - because it's your game!!

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