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What to Check When Buying Running Shoes Online

06 Aug 2022, 22:02 GMT+10

When buying shoes online for the first time, you may feel anxiety since you do not know if you will be capable to buy the right size that is also comfortable for your legs. You may be worried if you will be able to purchase running shoes that will suit you need without having to struggle. In this article we will help you acquire those shoes without worry since we have outlined for you what to check when purchasing online running shoes.

Measure your feet size

Though trying on shoes before you buy is the suitable, you can measure your foot size to be on the safer size. This can be done by drawing the size of your shoes on a piece of paper manually. This will help you avoid the mistake of buying the wrong size of shoes that can easily lead to health complication as a result of foot discomfort.

Measuring and double checking your feet size is essential to avoid unnecessary expenditure, ensuring that there is a thumbnail of space at the front of your shoes when standing up is critical since your feet always swell in the course of your running routine.

Look up for online reviews

Being able to check up reviews for the shoes that you are going to buy help you to be updated. Most companies are always changing in regards to fit and foam technology. The chance that the shoes you adored three years ago maybe be different at the moment is high.

This is where the relevance of reviews kicks in since they are able to highlight the major changes of the model that you prefer. Such information can help you decide if you still want the shoes or opt for a different fitness training shoes.

Use the categories to guide you

Majority of online stores that sell shoes use categories to help buyers settle on the kind of shoes they want to purchase without much hustle. For instance if you are looking for a trail running shoes, make sure you resist the urge to purchase sleek shoes. They maybe eye catching but will never serve the purpose of training. Sticking to what you know and saving the experimental purchase will help you save a lot when it comes to online purchase.

Check the return policy

Though this might come out as common sense knowledge, it is still worth keeping in mind. Picking a brand with good return policy when purchasing online shoes is so vital. This is because you may pick the wrong size and you may need to exchange it.

Some stores do not take back shoes once purchased which is very tricky when it comes to buying online. Therefore, being keen enough to notice such policies may save you a lot when purchasing online.

How experienced are you?

This is information that is very vital since you may end up buying shoes that suits expert level while you are a beginner in running. Your body is usually not prepared for this kind of shoes.

When in doubt, go up half size.

When you run, your feet tend to swell. Buying shoes that have a slight room is important since they reduce the chances for busted toe nails and irritation of tendons that may result from tight shoes.

Do not overthink

When purchasing athletics shoes, chances of being overwhelmed are high and you may end up purchasing the wrong thing. Keeping in mind that the best shoes for you is the one that simply feels best to run in right away is helpful.

Consider the type of running you will be doing most

When deciding to buy running shoes, you should consider the kind of running you will be doing most. Is it trail running or road running? If you are feeling really fiery and want to sprint a quick mile or two every single day which is suitable for lightweight shoes with a thinner sole.

Consider heel and forefoot cushioning

Heel cushioning is the midsole material that is designed to reduce the impact shock of a heel strike. Research has proven that the body provides major cushioning for your joints, and you land harder in more cushioned shoes.

You need balance between, stability, cushioning and ground feel when running for comfort. Therefore, buying shoes that touches down when you expect them and rolls into strides smoothly is vital for test runs or fitness training.

Get your gait, arch or tendency to pronate analyzed

When purchasing shoes online, make sure you are aware if you are under pronate, overpronate or neutral pronate. Ensure you know if your arch is high, medium or low and do your legs angle out in or straight when standing straight. This will help you to get shoes with the correct fitness that meet your needs.


From the above text it is clear that there are various issues such as having clear information about the kind of running you intend to partake, you shoes size ,and reviews that will help you make a great decision when buying shoes online.

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