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Arctos Portable Ac is an air cooler and Humidifier currently sold online at about $90 per unit.

Arctos ac has promised to keep everyone cool all summer long irrespective of where you are.

What is Arctos Portable Ac? Are Arctos coolers worth the hype? Where is the best place to buy one today? Is it the best space cooler in Canada? I guess you have other questions. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this handy gadget.


Arctos Ac is a personal and Portable space cooler that uses evaporative cooling technology. It is not cordless and it doesn't use a storage battery.

Arctos are best when you want portable cooling. It is very compact, lightweight, and Customizable, thanks to the three-fan speed.

Due to its portability, users have been using it to cool their rooms and offices. You don't need a large space to set it up - Your dining table, bedside tables, and any other flat surface are okay.

Arctos Portable Ac doesn't have the capacity of a full home air conditioner, it is just for your personal space. The good news is that it consumes less power. It doesn't affect your overall electric bill.

As a consumer product, Arctos is extremely easy to use and its maintenance can be done within minutes. With just three steps your Arctos ac will be ready to give you cooled and moisturized air.

Most customers were extremely satisfied with it. There is no reason you can't trust Arctos Portable Ac this summer. It is selling at a great discount and its satisfaction is Guaranteed.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is for your personal space and must be plugged in before use. Arctos coolers are inefficient in extremely large places. It is not the best option for those who are interested in cooling every corner of their room simultaneously.


The manufacturer advertised the following features and benefits on their official website

Features: Three fan speed, 450ml tank, Adjustable louvers, Replaceable filter, DC5V PLUG, and LED Lights

Owners have been benefiting from its low maintenance cost and low power consumption. It is one of the most efficient cooling devices available. Arctos AC is the best option for those who want to keep themselves cold all summer long without breaking their Bank. People have been enjoying its portability and compactness. It is easy to operate as it doesn't require any technical knowledge and it can be installed by anyone.

Arctos ac is exclusively sold online where they are priced at $89.99. Homeowners have been buying from this link:


The Arctos ac works by passing air over water which causes evaporation, a thermodynamics process.

Arctos suck air from your room and force the air through the water. As the air is passing through the water, it is causing evaporation due to Its heat. The process continues till the entire room is chilled.

Actors also have a filter which creates another evaporation stage and also filters the air entering your room.

To enhance your Arctos cooling experience, it adds water to the air to blow out cooled and moisturized air in one round.


Here are the simple tricks -

  • Unbox your order
  • Insert the water filter
  • Pour clean and cool water inside the 450ml tank
  • Plugged and turn it on
  • Adjust the vent to direct airflow to your preferred direction.

To enhance the evaporation, it is recommended to soak the filter in water before inserting it back.


A lot of reasons

Here are some of them!!

Easy Installation, Low Maintenance cost, Rapid cooling ( just 30s ), Lightweight, compact, stylishly designed, Robust, eco-friendly, Available at 60% discount, and hassle-free return.


I don't think every home will have the same experience because it is based on an evaporative cooling system which to some experts and scientific Research works best only in dry places. Homes with high humidity might have some negative reviews about it. It doesn't mean that the Arctos ac is not good, it is all about your environment. Though most reports have it that even people living in high humidity still enjoy it.

I'm not trying to say that they aren't working. The thing is that at high humidity, the results might differ.

Arctos generally is for everyone but it is good to know some facts about it. The good news is that almost all the consumer reports so far were positive irrespective of their homes.

If you are extremely satisfied and you think of buying one today check this link: Many owners are buying through it. Don't buy it if you are not completely thrilled with it. $89.99 for me is a huge figure. Do more research, you might see what seems better for you.

Is Arctos AC Any Good?

Arctos have attracted a lot of positive reviews and it doesn't just happen without reasons. It is advertised as one of the best ac to fight this summer heat.

Arctos can deliver instant cooling, data from the official website said that it can cool your personal space or targeted space within 30 seconds. It doesn't use any Chemical based refrigerant like most home central ac.

Arctos can be used around pets and kids without any risk. It is a silent air cooler so it won't wake you up while sleeping. It can serve as both an air cooler, humidifier, and a powerful fan. Recent reports confirm that every user is extremely happy with it.

It also features easy top pouring with no refill tank to worry about this time. Users can quickly change the filter if necessary.


Arctos ac are produced with quality plastic and other materials. The maker claimed that all its parts are produced from the best material around.


The science behind Arctos is the tendency of water to evaporate on exposure to heat.

As evaporation is occurring, heat is taken away from the original surface, the Water curtain in the Arctos which reduces its temperature.

An Evaporative cooling system works as a refrigerant-powered air conditioner. The only difference is that evaporative cooling might not work well in all environments. From my experience, it works best in dry places. High humidity makes it harder for evaporative cooling for work.

In summary, the science behind it is all about evaporation.


Arctos is manufactured by Ontel Products Corp, a consumer goods company. headquarter: Fairfield, New Jersey, USA and sells a variety of electronics and other consumer goods.


Phone: 866-955-4574 Email:


Arctos are 89.99 to $246.99.

One unit will cost $89.99 instead of the initial $138.45

Two cost $176.98, which saves you almost 40%. The real price is $276.89. It is a good discount.

Three units cost $206.99, it is a recommended deal as it offers a discount of 50%.

4 Units are sold at $246.99, the best offer is just $61.75.

Nevertheless, these are discounted prices. The manufacturer can change the price of anything without notice. Also, this price doesn't include shipping charges, they said that shipping cost is calculated at Checkout.


Arctos Portable Ac is sold at The price as of today is $89.99


Arctos ac is one of the products that are for everyone. All genders, as well of any age, can use it. It Uses a natural process, it doesn't need to be filled with some chemical-based refrigerant. Just water which I will drink daily.

Recent reports suggest that office workers have shown some genuine interest in buying them. I guess it is due to its compact nature. Most desks were already occupied but with Arctos, you just need a very small flat surface to install it. Also, it is very portable so they don't mind using one in their office and take it home after work to use in their rooms.


The seller claims that all purchases are back wit6dayay a money-back guarantee.

However, they said that all orders must be returned in the condition they shipped them. Users Manual must be returned if it is shipped with the product. They also said that the product must be returned to the return facility address provided by their customer care service.

Note that they don't accept any Used products or damaged packages.


  • Available only online
  • Limited stock
  • Not cordless
  • No battery
  • No remote control
  • Less efficient in larger space
  • No free shipping
  • The filter is not self-cleaning and you need to change it once every six months


There are a lot of options When it comes to portable coolers. Arctos ac for me is just one of them.

Prices might vary as they are produced by different manufacturers. Most are under $90 like Arctos while some are above 100 dollars.

The technology looks similar. Some use cooling cartridges while Arctos use filters. Some are battery-powered as well.

But the truth remains that the Arctos ac is just another super option. It might not be the best but it is one of the best you can get around this price.

It is currently selling at an amazing discount and other benefits. All the reviews from both consumers and experts were encouraging.


Arctos Portable Ac is the top-rated air cooler you can find today. It is by far one of the most reviewed air conditioners today and it is currently making waves in Canada.

Truly, it is good but it all depends on where you are using it. As we said earlier, it is best to be your personal space. It is faster than conventional air conditioners, more secure, and saves a lot of energy.

It can't be used without a cord and can't be used to chill every home simultaneously. It has three fan speeds: cool, chill, and breeze. Owners can select any speed they want.

The filter can be replaced every 6 months and the water can be changed or refilled at least every 3 hours of operation.

It is recommended that you set it up close to an open window on a flat surface for best performance. To have any chance of beating this summer heat, We recommend a single unit near every single person's space of work or leisure. Using it in an extremely large place might affect its performance.


WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO CHANGE THE FILTER? From most experts' reviews, the filter is replaceable. you can even add additional filters from the product sales page. It can be replaced every six months for the best results.

IS ARCTOS AC NOISY? No, the Arctos Portable Coolers are very quiet. Don't worry, it won't wake you up.

WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO POSITION MY ARCTOS AC? I recommend positioning your unit close to an open window on a flat surface for best performance


See what the satisfied customers have said so far.

This one is from LARISSA B, She said that she is extremely happy having Arctos ac around. I love staying indoors but the cost of running my full home air conditioner all day is affecting my budget negatively.

RYAN D said: I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. I love the Arctos Portable AC. Although it's easy to move around, I prefer it right next to my reading chair. Keeps me happy.

GEOFF L Said that he used to sleep with a fan but the noise is becoming unbearable. A friend advised me to use the arctos and I'm happy I listened to him this time.

I love the hot weather, but those hot August nights can be terrible to sleep through! Thanks to Arctos Portable AC, I am comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. I even take it with me while I'm camping, from


In general, almost all the consumer reports I came across were positive, showing that Arctos is not just a basic space cooler. You can try one today, I'm sure it won't disappoint you.


The Arctos Portable Ac is an efficient space cooler, Air cooler, humidifier, or Personal Air conditioner. Going by its name, it offers portable cooling Anywhere you go. It doesn't have an internal battery or removable batteries and is not cordless.

This review tries to cover everything that buyers need to know about the Arctos ac. As one of the top-selling products, many interested buyers might want to know how Authentic it is. That's one of the reasons I decided to review it.

Note that This review is not a buying guide or something like that. I only want to let you know hidden facts about this gadget. What it does and what it doesn't so that you can add to what you already know about them.

The only thing I would like to stress is that it is for personal use, precisely, for your personal space. Everyone is advised to have one which is one of the things I don't Like about it. That is why I usually call them personal space coolers. Don't be deceived, Arctos Portable Ac can't be compared with your Central Air Conditioner. The only thing it does best is that it Saves a lot of energy and can easily cool some targeted places. It is also faster and uses no chemical substances. Plus it has an easy setup and less maintenance and also a humidifier. Make no mistake, In terms of cooling power, for me, central AC is far greater than Arctos. Isn't it?

Truly, Arctos Ac is advertised as one of the best portable ACs around but don't be moved by that. Every manufacturer tried to position their products so that people would buy more. Arctos, to my knowledge, is close to the best. It is energy efficient, fast, and a clean air cooler. Evaporative cooling is 100% safe and offers rapid cooling, that is the technology behind the Arctos Coolers.

Finally, Arctos ac is one thing that is ready to enhance your indoor experience this summer. This summer looks to be very expensive in terms of electricity. Running an efficient Cooling unit like Arctos is another cheap Option.

Interested in getting the Arctos Cooler today at 60% off check out here


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Do not try to repair this product unless you are a technical person. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any injury caused by mishandling. Always contact customer service for help.


We might receive little Commission from any order placed through our dedicated link. Don't worry, this is not in any way affecting the price you paid. It is an agreement between and ours. It is just a way to help us create such awareness next time. We are only recommending what we are sure of. All our reviews are user experience and Arctos Portable AC is no exception.

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