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Packaged Healthy Food & Snacks

16 Jul 2022, 00:51 GMT+10

When you ask 'is packaged foods a good career path?', you can be sure the answer is yes because food is required by everyone and the food packaging specialist will design food containers that meet every safety and hygiene requirement.

Good, wholesome food with fresh flavors is possible when you're working hard at your desk. Covid 19 has seen many people putting more emphasis on eating healthily and the food industry has rallied to satisfy consumers' needs.

Packaged healthy foods offer convenience and safety and packaged food technologists are responsible for making sure that all foods reach consumers fresh and safe.

Food packaging has to be safe, hygienic, and attractive

Attractive food packaging is essential because brands are highly competitive. High-quality, attractive packing that is robust and tightly sealed is important if these brands want their products to sell. Being creative is what will allow a company to stand out. They make use of trendy food packaging materials such as -

  • Cans
  • Cartons
  • Foil bags
  • Boxes
  • Bags

Customers are drawn to products that have visual appeal because of the trendy, functional packaging. Apart from visual appeal, packaging needs to be protective, and also easy to open.

The pandemic has also had an impact on the way people buy food. People are more interested in packaged foods because it's hygienic and safe to order online. Hygiene and safety are super important to prevent illness. If you want to become a packaged food specialist, dealing with food will require you to have a degree as you will need to know how to package the food and snack product.

Make sure your frozen fruits are in leakproof packaging

Look at the packaging for mixed berries as an example. A wonderfully healthy snack is mixed frozen berries in Greek yogurt and whipped up together in a blender. A smoothie like this is rich in vitamin C and fiber. Properly frozen foods maintain their flavor, color, and texture than foods preserved in other ways.

The packaging has to make sure that oxygen doesn't enter and change the color and flavor of improperly packaged foods. Packaged healthy foods and snacks, therefore, have to be moisture-proof, durable, leakproof, and easy to seal. This is what protects food from odors and flavors.

Different kinds of foods will require different kinds of packaging, Liquid-type foods will be packaged differently to dry foods. So packing technologists will be responsible for the design of a range of packaging products. They will have to sample different materials and source sustainable, biodegradable materials while keeping costs in mind.

Consumers are turning to healthy foods

Retailers have done their research and seen how consumers have turned to healthy foods and snacks for both adults and kids. Pre-packaged goods became important during the lockdown as people were told to work from home.

Fresh foods and snacks such as nuts, dried sausages, and nuts have gained favor. Research tells us that while people are working from home, they appreciate that food packaging helps them with choosing the correct portion sizes too. They will buy a frozen macaroni and cheese that says suitable for 2 people or suitable for 4 or 8 people.

Covid-19 has seen consumers taking a new look at their diets. They're wanting foods that are quick and easy to prepare and that can boost their immunity and help with stress. They want foods and snacks with natural ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Packaging that allows foods to have a long shelf life

Food packaging specialists are responsible for finding economical but robust and eco-friendly packaging options. They have to be clued up on how long these food containers will last on the shelf. Customers demand food that is fresh, crisp, and tasty with an accurate sell-by-date.

The best packaged healthy foods and snacks include healthy ingredients such as vitamins, probiotics, herbs, and antioxidants. It's important to read labels as they tell you which products come packed with preservatives, artificial coloring, and high-fructose corn syrup among others.

Coming up with snack foods today is a complex process. Consumers are fussier than ever and foods and snacks have to be well labeled. The labels have to display information that says things such as 'less calories and fats' or 'rich source of protein'.

The food industry has become a massively hot market in the past 2 years. With people working more at home, they want healthy, organic, portable snacks as well as healthy, prepared meals delivered to their door.

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