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The term hyperbaric makes us think of dangerous dives, at great depths, where the air is so thin that breathing is a real challenge. This is actually the principle on which the hyperbaric chambers work: the increased pressure inside the chambers forces the lungs to open, while with the help of a special mask oxygen at higher purity is inhaled.

Hyperbaric chambers are artificially ventilated recipients with specialized breathing equipment that can reach extremely high pressure inside. This allows scientists and researchers to study certain medical conditions and treatments, like how pressurized oxygen helps prevent organ damage from high-altitude illnesses or the effects of decompression sickness on the human body after a life-threatening underwater dive.

A hyperbaric chamber is often used for wound healing, to strengthen the body's immune system, increase blood flow and circulation, but also as a weight loss tool. The artificial pressure changes the way your body metabolizes food, making it easier to burn calories while keeping your metabolism running smoothly. Use the nextnikis neaoeramos tips to get started using a hyperbaric chamber to lose weight and improve your health.

How oxygen therapy can help you in hyperbaric chambers in the fight against weight gain

While many people think of weight loss while in a hyperbaric chamber, the chamber can have a large range of health benefits. The pressure inside the chamber will change depending on the condition you're treating, your health conditions and the environment inside the chamber. So while a hyperbaric chamber may provide a small boost in terms of calories burned, the real benefits of the chamber comes when it's used correctly.

Hyperbaric therapy is a form of compression treatment that uses pressurized air to improve the general health condition of the body and also to start the auto healing process.

Frequently repeated sessions in hyperbaric chambers help to increase the level of oxygen in the blood, and this promotes angiogenesis. The formation of new blood vessels in the tissues, along with following the advice received from the nutritionist and regular exercise, can speed up the process of burning fat by up to 3 times. Please keep in mind that weight loss always depends on the amount of calories consumed in a day and high collagen levels can have a beneficial effect because it is a protein.

Many studies have confirmed that obesity is associated with chronic inflammation of adipose tissue. Among other benefits offered by oxygen therapy performed in hyperbaric chambers is the reduction of inflammation, due to increased blood flow. Following hyperbaric oxygen sessions, swollen and inflamed tissues are flooded with pure oxygen and cell functions are improved. In addition, the muscles will also benefit from this oxygen supply, so that performing the exercises necessary for weight loss is easier to achieve.

Last but not least, oxygen therapy performed in hyperbaric chambers offers major benefits in the treatment of chronic fatigue. This condition can be the cause for weight gain, given the lack of energy required for regular exercise or even for preparing an adequate diet.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for healthy aging

The amount of collagen that your body produces starts to decline at arround the age of 25. As we get older, our skin loses collagen as a result of the lack of UV protection, which causes wrinkles and sagging. Excessive sun exposure and smoking may both contribute to skin aging.

The additional oxygen that hyperbaric chambers provides may also have some of the following benefits:

  • increase your energy levels
  • improve your sleep
  • decrease your chance to contract a heart disease
  • improve your daily functioning

What happens during a session in hyperbaric chambers

Only a healthcare provider should prescribe a session in an hyperbaric chamber. These chambers are available at different specialized clinics which offers beauty and health related services. While sitting, lying or relaxing in these chambers, people can take deep breaths, with 95% pure oxygen. Sessions may last from 60 minutes to 3 hours, based on the reason for the therapy.

Your ears may feel stuffed when the pressure is increased, like when you're in an airplane or the mountains. You can 'pop' them back to normal by swallowing or chewing gum. Your blood supplies extra oxygen to injured tissues as they heal, infusing them with the necessary oxygen so that they can start recovering.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers for yourself and others

The principle on which hyperbaric chambers work is that any amount of gas (such as oxygen in the present situation) that is dissolved in a liquid (namely blood) is directly proportional to the concentration of gas on the surface of the liquid and the ambient pressure in which the whole system is located.

The pressure inside the hyperbaric chambers is increased by up to twice the pressure on the outside. In this way, the person who is in the hyperbaric chamber, benefits from an increased intake of pure oxygen. This effect is called hyperoxia and involves the dissolution of a large amount of oxygen in the blood, which promotes the formation of new blood vessels and cells.

Based on the number of people that can safely use them at home, the hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy are:

● Monoplace chambers

They are intended for use by one person and can be a very good option for rest or even sleep. The interior is very comfortable, it contains a mattress and a pillow with a high quality resin fiber loop. The basic material is 90% air, this detail helps to dissipate the heat and moisture generated by the human body during therapy sessions. It is easy to use, as it is equipped with a sliding door, which can be closed very easily from the inside. The door is pressure sealed and has no hinges or other locking mechanism that can fail due to high pressure. They are non-medical equipment accepted worldwide, with an affordable price range.

● Multiplace hyperbaric chamber. Two models are available:

  • Mini Multiplace hyperbaric chamber
  • It's possible to be used by 2 and up to 4 people together in this chamber, but the sessions are almost the same as in the monoplace chambers. Also, the multiplace hyperbaric chamber can be equipped with a stationary bike to perform physical exercises while inhaling pure oxygen. Users use masks or hoods to breathe pure oxygen in this room.

  • Maxi Multiplace hyperbaric chamber
  • They are intended to accommodate several people at the same time, including an assistant or observer, if needed. Some users need monitoring so they cannot perform therapy sessions alone. Both Mini and Maxi Multiplace oxygen chambers can be equipped with cardio equipment (for example a stationary bike) or can include 2 to 4 seats so that users can sit comfortably.

    The hyperbaric chambers offered by the company OxyHelp are manufactured in the European Union, with only high quality components imported from Spain, Germany, USA and Japan. The microprocessor system automatically balances the pump and air intake rates to set and maintain the required air pressure and shuts off the compressor after a 60-second failure. In total, they have 5 emergency stops which makes them the safest chambers in the market today.

    More information about oxygen chambers offered by OxyHelp can be found on Please feel free to contact them if you need more informations.

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