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8 Steps To Making Romantic Proposal In 2022

12 Jul 2022, 02:33 GMT+10

Whether you are hanging out along bustling streets or chatting on an online dating app, there's one key thing that can't be ignored, ----love. Many people will have a crush on someone at least one time in their whole life. However, not many intimate relationships will last as long as they wish before. And the fact is not each of them know how to put their mutual relationship forward. To make a romantic proposal can be a good way to solve it, such as proposing in outdoor places in the summer, suitable for lovers to confess their love for each other. And no matter which type of your outdoor proposal is, Olight will always be here by your side to light up your road and empower you.

Select the Right Place and Time

Before you decide on the proposal, you need to choose the right place and time to celebrate this good time with your love. To increase the fun, an outdoor spot is highly recommended because there are more available interesting games or things to do in the open areas. Going to the beach or hiking on your camping trip are both good ideas for your wonderful proposal. The ultimate purpose is to make your partner laugh and feel happy with you so that you can set the scene for your following proposal. Another important factor is time that each experienced person knows. You can choose a daytime or night to make your proposal. Here nighttime would be more recommended because it has more chances and time for you to entertain your lover. And another reason of select a night to propose is that it can help you to keep your preparation things concealed carry and stay a mystery, which can bring a big surprise to your partner.

Buy the Bauble in Advance

And after you select the proper time and places, you need to prepare the funny baubles in advance. And you need to buy some things to decorate your place of the proposal. Here are many things you can consider including balloons, flowers, gifts, rings, other decorations, etc. Besides the ring, you have to determine the main of them among these baubles, which plays an important role in your outdoor proposal at night. You can consider picking Olight new release Obulb Pro multi-color light with Bluetooth control, which has multi applications in many crucial areas, even at the proposal moment. It has 5-color options for you and 2 light modes available, you can buy it in this summer sale which will not cost you much money. One of the most important features of it is that it can be connected through the phone app and can complete the group control, which means you can adjust any color of the groups of Obulb Pro-light at the same time, creating the most elegant and romantic atmosphere at the proposal. The more numbers you buy Obulb pro, the greater atmosphere you will be able to create.

Make Full of Your Plan and Practice It

Also, you need to plan your proposal by making the best use of your baubles. One popular method is that you can put the multi-color ObulbPro in a specific pattern such as the heart or the letter of your lover's name. But remember to keep them secret until the right time comes. Certainly, if you have collected other baubles before, you can use ObulbPro to decorate your outdoor place, which provides colorful light for you including black, white, brick red, sapphire blue, red and green. With a 2.13-inch in diameter and 2.05oz in weight, it is easy to carry and very convenient for one-hand use. And most importantly, it can be taken as a good decoration at an outdoor party. If you plan to invite other friends or some families which have children here, this ObulbPro will be a good partner for them. Children can use it to play games with parents and their friends can sing songs or dance at night under the support of those colorful lights. After making your preparation, remember to practice what you will say and do. You can test the function of bulb pro and other devices to see whether they can perform well in case of accidence.

Search for Other Support

If you are an experienced person and have enough confidence to finish this amazing task by yourself, you can skip this step. But if you're not, you'd better ask for some additional support from some of your common friends or family. As they can help you to create more joy and bring more happiness, providing you with a louder voice to ask your lover to marry you. You can ask your friends to help you to hide the decorations and baubles during the daytime so that you can have a good time with your lover first. Also, you can ask her family's advice or invite them to your outdoor proposal party. This aims to make them feel your genuineness of you and share the best awesome time with them. Moreover, if your lover is used to raising pets, you can even bring his or her favorite pet which can make an inevitable surprise at that time. There is a real example of someone who attaches ObulbPro to his dog's collar with the provided silicone cover, which looks prominent at night. The successful reason lies in the magnetic base of ObulbPro, which can be combined with the included adhesive metal badge, allowing easy attachment to any smooth surface. You can take it as a reference and consider using it to surprise your lover.

Don't Be Stressed Out

And another important thing that may affect you proposal is that you should relax and try to prepare for yourself before you propose. You can calm down first by checking your decorations such as charging ObulbPro, which can run up to 84 hours, twice the runtime of Obulb MC. One of the upgraded features of it is it can be fully charged via convenient charging for only 3 hours, which offers you enough time before the proposal. And another pro of bringing ObulbPro is that they can easily withstand hard drops, due to their spherical shape and durable materials. It also has a water-resistant IPX 7, which means you can use it in the pool or even on rainy days. With such adorable and strong settings, will you still feel stressed out? If you do, you can also try to do other exercises or take a deep breath to relax. As long as it can help you to build confidence, you can choose either one of them as you need.

Give Her the Surprise

In terms of the most crucial moment, you just need to find a proper time to date her at night, which can help you to speak to your love. There are many wonderful things you can do such as singing a song or giving her a bundle of beautiful flowers. But remember all these things should be taken place in the place with the ObulbPro. Especially if you choose to activate the multi-color bulb light in the warm color model at that time, which greatly adds warmth and presents your love by all of yourself. Under the support of ObulbPro, you can confess your love to your partner and with the shining light. For instance, you can try to sing a song or use some of the lyrics to express your feeling for her or him, such as the song called all of me( "cause all of me loves all of you, love your curves and your edges, love your perfect imperfections") After all, you choose the one who will spend the rest of your life to look after and you can promise you will give all of yourself to love her or him. And no matter what is the final reply if he or she, the point is you have tried your best in this process and at least no other regret in your life. And your friends and other people will also help you at that moment, as well as OlightObulb pro, which will illuminate your brilliant time.

Cherish the Moment

No matter how wonderful and complete your proposal is, you may find it imperfect as a result. But no one is perfect in this world and what we can do with our lover is to enjoy the wonderful moment with her or him during the proposing process. You can enjoy the outdoor picnic or meals with your partner under the illumination of bulb pro. One of the significant functions of Obulb pros is that it can help you whenever your electricity is off or not. And its exquisite and mini size makes it easier to be put on the table for delicious meals. With a single flip on your phone, you can control it easily without fumbling in the darkness. And you can also cherish this moment by the record it via the camera of a professional photographer. The wonderful shining light, the surrounding decorations, and the main roles of the proposal make up a glorious moment in both of your life. How fabulous it will be!

Share and Celebrate It With All

Once you're officially engaged, it's time to celebrate and share it with your friends and families together! Think about how you'll want to relish the moment after you've slipped the ring on your partner's finger. According to a related study, it is found that 57% of couples celebrated with drinks, so don't forget to pack a bottle of bubbly to pop if that's what you envision. We also found that 40% of couples went out to a nice dinner afterward, which is up from 28% in 2020. You can also invite friends and family to join in on the fun too, as we found that 30% of couples had an in-person celebration with loved ones immediately after getting engaged. This is especially important to consider if you'll have your nearest and dearest on standby to watch the proposal. There's no right way to celebrate—perhaps you want to make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant, or you can enlist the help of a friend or family member to organize a party at someone's home after getting engaged. While there aren't specific rules for how to properly propose, there's one thing we do recommend: celebrate as much as you want so you can get many bless from them or even light up their passion to propose to their partner under the support of such wonderful light from Obulb pro. Then you can play games and have fun together with the Obulb pro as it can entertain each of you outdoor at night. Kids and adults will love it at this happy time. In the end, you can also leave it with your friends or next time use it for camping. This powerful multi-color light has multi-application not only for outdoor activities and indoor decoration but also for some roadside emergencies, which can be taken as a signal. So don't forget to leave one on your truck in case of urgency.

Final words

On the whole, there are no other words that can express how important the one means to you if you truly intend to propose to your lover. And that's why a careful and complete preparation plan of it is important for you and you should make the best use of your baubles, especially the Obulb Pro multi-color light, which can make a difference for your warming proposing party with your lover. And you can leave it until midnight as you can control it from your app with its low-lumen light that won't bother your sleep at all. If you have turned it off and taken it to a quiet place, it will never be broken as it has the quality warranty of Olight, which is always dedicated to illuminating everyone in the world!

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