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How to Repair a Corrupt SQL Database

27 May 2022, 00:42 GMT+10

The truth is that repairing a corrupt SQL server database can be a very challenging thing to do. This is especially if you do not know the proper techniques to use. How does your SQL database get corrupted? It is important that you know the reasons your SQL database can get corrupted. These reasons include power cuts, buggy codes, and hardware crushes. Of course, there exists a lot of software online that can help repair your corrupt SQL database but finding the right one may not be easy. Here are simple steps you can repair a corrupt SQL database.

Step 1: SQL Server Management

In an ideal world, it is possible for you to repair a corrupted database locally, quickly, and even for free. Even though it is optional, it is an excellent idea for you to consider attempting the repair with SQL Server Management Studio. Note that the Server Management issue only works to solve minor corruption issues. Also, you might lose some of your data as you run some commands. This is why you might need a specialized recovery tool.

You only need to follow simple steps if you are trying to repair a corrupted database using this method. First, you need to ensure that your database is in emergency mode. Next, you need to run the query. Here you can analyze the database for errors by executing the command. You will get results that entail the found errors and the kind of repair the errors need. If you want to be on the safe side, you should go for the repair-rebuild command. Also, ensure that your database is in single-user mode before running any repairs. If your SQL database is seriously corrupted, this may not work. This means you should go directly to step 2.

Step 2: Reliable Repair Tool

The best way to repair your corrupted SQL database is by getting a good and reliable SQL database recovery tool. This method of repair is quick, effective, and reliable. What should you consider before choosing a database recovery tool? The tool should be compatible with your SQL version, quickly connect with your servers, support your operating system, and have proof that it can repair SQL database errors.

If you want excellent results, it would be best to consider using Stellar Repair for MS SQL as your SQL database recovery tool. Stellar Repair for MS SQL effectively repairs corrupt databases and files with minimal downtime. The powerful software uses a safe algorithm to facilitate the faster recovery of databases while maintaining 100% integrity and precision.

Step 3: Download Your Recovery Tool

After finding the proper recovery tool, such as the Stellar Repair for MS SQL, you need to download it. You can do this by visiting the provider's main website, where you can either purchase or download the software. The good thing about Stellar Repair for MS SQL is that you can run this software on any computer. You can also run it from whichever place you are in around the globe. You do need to worry about the download process. It consists of a very simple procedure.

Step 4: Run Your SQL Recovery Tool

What next after downloading your recovery tool? Running it. The thing is that the most effective recovery tools will ask you to choose the destination of the software during installation. After picking the location that suits you best, you can open the recovery tool and run it smoothly.

Step 5: Scan the Database

After running your recovery software, you now have to scan the corrupted SQL database. This is not such a difficult task. You have to add the corrupted database to the recovery software and scan it for the issues. First, click open in the toolbar, select your database, and click open to add the file. To scan, you have to click on the scan database option.

Step 6: Transfer Your Recovered Files

After your corrupted database is scanned successfully, you now need to export your recovered database back to your SQL database. Stellar Repairs for MS SQL recovery software allows you to do this in just a few steps. First, click on the Export option. After filling in all the required credentials, you will be allowed to export the database components you like.


Repairing a corrupted SQL database may be tedious. However, you can make things easier by finding the right recovery tool and following the above steps. This article has provided you with simple steps you can repair your corrupted SQL database; you should consider looking at.

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