Sun, 28 May 2023

Today we find a wide variety of women's sportswear in brush knit fabric with different styles and brands. But there are essentials. Here are the basics you need for your wardrobe:

  • T-shirt/top. Whatever your style, you will always need a sports top or t-shirt. There are people who use cotton shirts, but I don't recommend them. Sports shirts are made of breathable fabric to keep them dry and work better.
  • Sports bra. There are some women who don't use it yet, but it's a must-have. It cushions the impact and adds comfort during exercise.
  • One of the most versatile outfits. It adapts to your body and its flexibility allows you to perform a variety of exercises comfortably.
  • Shoes. Essential for sports practice. Your feet should work comfortably and ergonomically for best performance and to avoid possible injury (1).

What are the advantages of women's sportswear?

Women's sportswear has several benefits. And whether you've been training for a long time or just starting out, you need to know all that a good kit can bring.

  • Wearing sportswear makes you feel better and more active thanks to its comfort.
  • Better physical performance. When performing any type of exercise, wearing sportswear will help you perform better as it provides comfort and autonomy so you can focus on the exercise.
  • Women's sportswear fits the woman's body well, allows freedom of movement and is free from pressure thanks to the fabric used.
  • The fabrics used to make sportswear prevent sweat from sticking to your body when you exercise. This will allow the skin to sweat and avoid possible dermatological problems.
  • Today we find a wide variety of styles and types of women's sportswear. This makes it very easy to combine different garments when playing sports or for everyday wear.

What type of women's sportswear is ideal for the gym?

More and more women are practicing sports in the gym. Because it is a closed area, a variety of clothing is available. When choosing, we recommend that you consider your own needs and the type of exercise to be performed.

For strength training, yoga, or other stretching exercises, chooses clothing that fits your body and is flexible enough to allow freedom of movement. Ideally paired with leggings, for example, with a top. When performing aerobic exercise, such as a treadmill or guided class, good shoes and comfortable clothing to cushion the impact are essential.

Sport type

Women's sportswear is very versatile, so the first criterion to consider is the sport to be performed.

  • It is one of the sports with the most followers. It's a high-impact aerobic exercise, so it's a good idea to choose lightweight clothes that fit close to your body and breathe. It is also important to wear a sports bra and good running shoes to avoid sore knees and feet.
  • We are talking about exercises that are usually performed in the gym using different machines and materials. To perform this type of exercise, you should wear flexible clothing, such as leggings, to allow more freedom of movement.
  • In recent years, interest in this exercise to improve flexibility and relieve stress has increased. For this type of exercise, we recommend using flexible clothing that allows you to perform the movement without worry. For example, tight leggings and a top or sports jumpsuit are ideal for this practice.
  • As this is a high-intensity activity, we recommend that you wear breathable clothing. A short sleeve shirt or tank top and shorts are best. Also, even if you don't practice professionally, it is recommended to wear soccer boots depending on the field you will be playing.
  • Tennis and paddles. Racquet sports are also very popular in our country. For comfortable practice and best performance, we recommend a tank top and shorts made from a lightweight, flexible and breathable fabric.

What sets of women's sportswear are in fashion?

Currently, women's sportswear sets have many options. For example, sportswear, a set of sports pants, a jacket or sweatshirt. They have always been there, but now they are back in fashion thanks to their comfort. You can also find sets of leggings and tops or sports bras in every possible design to go with a different model every day.

Also, sports jumpsuits have become very fashionable recently. A bodysuit is a flexible, full-length garment that perfectly adapts to your body and provides freedom of movement to perform any exercise.

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