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Fashion is a serious matter for Berliners. It is considered a haven for fashion lovers, an exciting place for those who appreciate aesthetics, and an alluring destination for people looking to learn more about the fashion industry.

It's a city where you can have fun, and at the same time, you have thousands of opportunities to gain insight into creative endeavors of various forms like Nice Magazi and Berlin fashion week, etc. This fashion-conscious city has its own style rules about clothing and self-expression, which isn't something you have to adhere to but can make you look more fashionable and similar to the fashion enthusiast locals.

Here are some essential ways to incorporate Berlin's local fashion culture without breaking any of the city's unwritten fashion rules.

#1: People love to wear Black here- Black is not worn at funerals only.

Berliners tend to dress pretty conservatively, particularly when it comes to things like colors like yellow and red. However, Berlin is a black and gray kind of city, so if you are looking to blend in with the locals rather than stick out like a sore thumb, it might be best to wear some darker colors and try to avoid anything too bright or sticking out on your outfit or outfit choices.

#2: Pajamas or 'Undone' look is considered Stylish

The 'undone' look is very popular in Berlin. People will spend an hour getting ready to go out, yet it will appear like they just rolled out of bed with their hair disheveled and clothes such as a sweatshirt, jogging pants, and worn sneakers.

#3: Heels are not welcomed in the clubs

Unless you're going to a club in Mitte or a fancy bar near Alexanderplatz, feel free to leave your heels at home. In East Berlin, people will immediately know you are a tourist if you wear heels. If you go the other way and still decide to wear them, then we wish you good luck - it's not that easy.

#4: Millionaires can be seen looking like homeless people

You might come across people wearing hoodies and jogging pants, but have no fear! They may very well be on their way to work thinking they are best-dressed founders of million-dollar companies.

This simple and undone look is quite popular in Germany, and wealthy people love to dress this way.

#5: White socks are not limited to tennis players only

A new fashion trend has been sweeping in Berlin, and we are not quite sure what to make of it just yet. This trend involves wearing white athletic socks with your sneakers, but these aren't your father's thick cotton basketball socks.

#6: Free and greasy-looking hair is considered fashionable

This goes with the previous rule. If you look like you don't care, it means that you do! So just be yourself and avoid boring little routines such as curling your hair every morning - let it go naturally, and you'll be much cooler than if you were to sweat over that hot iron instead!

Greasy-looking hair is part of a fashion trend not just in Berlin but all over Germany. You can also check out some latest hairstyles and clothing trends on Nice Magazin.

#7: Fanny packs are trendy in Berlin

Yes, fanny packs are back - at least in Berlin. But they aren't hip suits worn by men to carry around important documents and money or just the basics needed for casual outings or on a trip. Girls don't wear fancy handbags in Germany's capital, and one might say that fanny packs are the answer to that - but not quite yet.

Nowadays, they aren't meant to be worn as slings for extending over wearers' hips like large waist belts once did in the '80s'.

#8: Berlin is a backpack city

Berlin is a backpack city. Berliners don't go home very often because they prefer to work all day and then party all night in their apartment. So if you ever want to find them, just look in parks, cafes and at parties around the city.

And if you would like to be able to keep up with them as they hurriedly dash around town, hallelujah, your backpack can finally come in handy once again! The bigger, the better.

#9: Brands show off is not encouraged in Berlin

Berlin is a fashion city, but its residents tend to be more concerned with the art behind their wardrobe than they are with outward appearance. As a result, Berliners don't focus on the brands.

If they can find value in the lines of an old Burberry scarf and turn it into a unique piece, he or they will do so. So leave your Louis Vuitton monogram handbag at home if you'd prefer to avoid trouble. Also, don't wear a pullover that screams 'I'm LOUIS VUITTON' across your chest, okay? You'll look like a billboard, and people won't like it.

Also, if you must have some type of logo on your shirt, don't make it Polo by Ralph Lauren. Berliners appreciate authenticity and will take no sh*t from wannabe Rich Kids who don't love what they own (or 'own'), honestly!

#10: Sneakers are good for everyday use

While our previous point (rule number 3) says that heels are not a shoe style often seen on Berlin's streets, we can say that this holds true mostly for the originally-designed ones.

Originality is important here! Whether you're looking to go out in the city or take a walk along the river Spree instead - sneakers will be what many people are wearing on their feet, so if you're looking to fit in with your surroundings, you'll want this type of shoe for sure.


That's it. These are some of the some fashion tips and lessons about clothing trends in Berlin. You can also follow Nice, a German lifestyle and fashion Magazin to get regular updates about the latest fashion trends all over Germany.

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