Sun, 28 May 2023

The refrigerated cupboard is a perfect professional substitute for a fridge since its capacity and features are adjusted to the needs of gastronomical businesses. What to pay attention to when choosing your model?

Safe food storage is crucial for every restaurant. It's not as easy as it seems, since every day they supply themselves with many food products. Many of them are fresh, with a short expiration date. Choosing an appropriate set of refrigerated cupboards can make storing food much more organized and limit the financial loss tied to expiration.

The refrigerated cupboard enables having the storage under control due to several useful features. How does it differ from a regular fridge?

The benefits of using a refrigerated cupboard

Such cupboards are very well isolated, with a protective layer much thicker than the regular fridges. They are usually much bigger, too, with a capacity adjusted to the needs of a professional kitchen. Their construction makes it easier to store food in an effective manner.

Most cupboards are equipped with a self-closing door. It's a significant feature since it limits the contact of the products with the external factors to a minimum. This way, they can stay fresh for much longer.

The refrigerated cupboard can also provide you with maximum control over the temperature due to the presence of a sensible sensor. You can use an electronic control panel that allows you to adjust it very precisely. It's important since some products require much lower temperatures than others.

Which features to look for?

Aside from temperature regulation and a self-closing door, it's worth paying attention to a few other factors.

Regulated height

The gastronomical kitchens can have different dimensions - it's worth choosing a model that will fit any!

Glass door

It's not a must, but in some cases, it makes it easier to search for products. If you have such an opportunity, choose this door type over the regular one.

Temperature controller

It provides the refrigerated cupboard with ventilation when the temperature rises unexpectedly. Due to this feature, the temperature is equal in all the compartments.

Automatic defrosting

A handy feature that keeps the machine clean.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the materials, too. Stainless steel is the best choice since it's the most resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. Avoid plastic elements as they're not durable and break easily.

If you're searching for quality refrigerated cupboard, check GastroProdukt. On the company's website, you'll find models built in the most thoughtful manner, with features that facilitate storing food safely.

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