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Why You Should Take A First Aid Course

11 May 2022, 20:17 GMT+10

There are several reasons why you should take a First Aid Course in 2022. Are you scrolling through the internet looking for things to fill your time and entertain you, only to find yourself bored and needing to get out of the house? When was the last time you stopped and wondered what you would do if an emergency situation happened before your eyes, and you were the only person on the scene to help? Have you ever undertaken training and gained your First Aid and Basic Life Saving certification? Now is the perfect time to get yourself, your family, or your workplace staff updated with the latest First Aid Course techniques and practices.

How would you feel if you were suddenly required to give CPR to save a young child's life, but you have no idea how to give CPR? The guilt from not having a simple knowledge of life-saving skills can all be avoided by taking a First Aid Course with Australia's leading experts in the field. First Aid Course Experts has a range of First Aid Courses for all skill levels and workplace requirements.

Winter is the ideal time to choose a weekend and dedicate yourself to taking a First Aid Course. Online components, Zoom, and face-to-face are all covered with our delivery method options and Australia wide locations. We guarantee we have a location and trainer near you with a course to suit your needs. But why would you need to get certified and take a First Aid Course?

We now live in a world that has become over-governed and bureaucratic. Everything we do in life requires some form of certification or accreditation that validates our existence and place in society. While no one requiring CPR or First Aid is ever going to stop and demand that you prove you have been certified to render First Aid to them, the law is the law. The current practice in Australia requires that most workplaces and industries have staff qualified in the very basic First Aid practices and protocols. Given a basic First Aid Course starts from as little as $45.00, it is money well spent to get the piece of paper. Once you have gained your nationally recognised certification, you then step onto the treadmill of yearly CPR renewal and three yearly First Aid certification requirements. Most vocations that involve any level of risk require current mandatory certification in First Aid. Stay at home parent? Even if you only ever take one First Aid Course in your life, it could arm you with the skills and knowledge to provide a range of First Aid to your offspring.

Any parent will tell you that they can often fix minor issues with a Band-Aid, a kiss, and some chocolate to distract the child from the little cut, scrape or injury. However, active kids who engage in sports and those who engage in high risk, full-contact sports will inevitably suffer from a broken bone, a bad sprain, a dislocated joint, having their teeth knocked out, cutting off digits, or fae planting into concrete from their skate, skateboard or bicycle. Do you know how to treat any of those injuries in the short term until your GP, physician, or the emergency room staff can assess the situation?

The answer most people offer is that they don't have the skills or knowledge to correctly treat, splint, support, or provide the correct First Aid for even the most basic injuries. Do you or the neighbours have a pool, dam, or open body of water that children might be tempted to venture into? Could you provide CPR for a child, and how is it different to CPR for an adult?

Now is the perfect time for you to book your place on the next available First Aid Course and get the answers to all the questions above. You alone have the power to transform yourself into a potential lifesaver and become someone's hero. We certainly hope that you are never faced with any life-threatening situations, but we want you to have the skills to deal with them if the situation ever presents.

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