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5 Summer Essentials for Your Purse

04 May 2022, 16:17 GMT+10

Warmer weather is here! It's time to unload the mittens and hand warmers that have been weighing down your purse for the past few months and stock up on summer essentials. Whether you're a dedicated beach goer or someone who loves walking in the parks, here are five things your purse should never be without this summer.

A Flashlight

With outdoor concerts, camping, and late-night get-togethers on the summer itinerary, you should be equipped to handle any lighting situation with a trusty flashlight. If you're imagining having to pack a large flashlight that runs on heavy batteries, think again. Some flashlights can be as small as a tube of lipstick and weigh just as little, providing you with low-profile, convenient light that won't take up valuable space in your purse. There are also small flashlights that can be clipped to a keychain in case you often find yourself lighting up the path to and from your vehicle.


There's nothing better than spending time outside on a warm summer day, but there's nothing worse than having to care for sunburn after! Be sure to pack sunscreen in your purse so that you're protected from the sun's rays. If you're worried about a sunscreen tube leaking and damaging your purse and the things you carry inside, you might want to try a sunscreen stick. Sunscreen sticks are dry and can be applied to your skin the same way that roll-on deodorant is applied. Best of all, with a sunscreen stick, you won't have to worry about finding a place to rinse your hands after applying your sunscreen!


Speaking of deodorant — even the longest-lasting deodorant can have trouble keeping up with the extra sweating you may experience when out and about in the summer. Avoid the paranoia that comes with body odor by keeping deodorant in your purse so that you can reapply as needed. If your purse is on the smaller side, you can save space by picking up a travel-sized deodorant.

Bug Repellant

Whether you're at the beach or sitting around a campfire, bugs can put a damper on your summer fun. Keep the bites at bay with bug repellent! When you're choosing the best bug repellent for your purse, be sure to keep in mind the types of bugs you're most likely to run into. What repels mosquitos, for example, might not bother a biting black fly. Regardless, having repellent on hand will certainly make you the hero of any get-together when the bugs begin to swarm.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is vital on hot days but carrying water bottles in your purse means you'll be drinking warm water at best, and dealing with a leaky bottle at worst. Collapsible water bottles are a great solution to avoid these situations. Collapsible water bottles are very popular with hikers who have to save pack space, which makes them perfect for the close confines of a purse. By having a collapsible water bottle on hand, you can be sure that you have the ability to fill up a water bottle with fresh water when you need it. Avoid dehydration and fully enjoy your time in the sun.

A First Aid Kit

Spending more time outdoors is unarguably one of the best things about summer. However, the more you bike, hike, run, or even walk, the more likely you are to end up with some cuts and bruises. A small first aid kit with some essentials like rubbing alcohol pads, an antiseptic ointment, and Band-Aid, can be all you need to not let a small injury take the fun out of your day.

First aid kits are especially useful if you are with young kids, who are prone to falls and bumps. Not only will you avoid having to look around for freshwater to wash off wounds and rush to the pharmacy, but you will also set a good example for kids by being prepared and not stressing out over a harmless injury.

Your purse is a vital part of your daily carry, and by packing the fundamentals, you'll be sure to have everything you need to handle whatever summer throws at you this year.

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