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Jeff Van Beaver's Acts of Kindness

16 Apr 2022, 23:42 GMT+10

Kindness is one of the greatest virtues that human beings are capable of possessing. It has been around for as long as humans have inhabited the planet. But, there has been an increase in talks about kindness lately. This discourse about kindness is something that people like Jeff Van Beaver are working hard for.

Defining kindness is still hard, despite a major focus on the term by so many people globally. There is no single word replacement for kindness. However, to help others understand it better, it can be explained in terms of consideration, warmth, generosity, and consideration. Kindness encompasses a wide range of positive phenomena that we get to experience. The acts of kindness do not have to be grand and overwhelming. But, a simple and genuine gesture of warmth can convey kindness in its purest and truest form too.

Jeff Van Beaver describes kindness as the language that hard of hearing can listen. And, it is the language that the visually impaired people can see. By this, he means that kindness is a global phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of race, culture, and nationality. It is not even confined to people who are physically and mentally fit, rather everyone is capable of being kind. His views on kindness are refreshing and simple to understand. This is why, they are so popular among the masses.

While talking of kindness, Jeff Van Beaver mentions that kindness makes people feel better, despite its direction. No matter if you are being kind to someone or if someone else is being kind to you. You will feel this rush of warmth and positive feelings that makes life more rewarding and fulfilling. He has given the Planned Acts of Christian Kindness Program to help integrate religion and kindness.

Social and faithful kindness are two concepts that Jeff has talked about at length. Social kindness is an attempt at establishing equity in the world. It does not aim to engage in difficult discussions or reform a wrecked individual. Rather the goal is to bring about equity along with affection and respect for each other.

Faithful kindness is another aspect of kindness that Jeff Van Beaver has spoken of greatly. He has elaborated faithful kindness as the covenantal love of God. He has created life, and loves His creations, so He wants them to flourish. It is an obligation for the creation to love the Creator in turn and seek His approval. The phenomenon of faithful kindness demands that people actively try to root out evil from society. The whole process of replacing bad with good and bringing in societal reforms can sometimes be ugly and hard. However, it is necessary and produces long-term benefits, so Jeff Van Beaver urges people to engage in this practice.

Jeff Van Beaver has also shed light on the drop culture in society. What happens when conflict arises is that we exclude people from community and shun them. This way, they feel left out and isolated. This can do more harm than good in the long run. So, the goal is to cultivate kindness and mutual understanding to minimize the tendency for excusal of people.

To wrap up, Jeff Van Beaver emphasizes the bandwidth of experiences and emotions that are part of kindness. The way forward for humanity is to expand their horizons and be more open towards each other. This will not only increase mutual respect, but also give rise to kindness and its associated phenomena.

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