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Why is e Clinical EMR The Users First Preference?

28 Dec 2021, 23:02 GMT+10

When looking for EHR software, the feedback given by users plays a crucial role. They guide the way to a productive path by leading you to a powerful EHR solution. This is why reviews hold an exclusive place in EMR selection. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't pay heed to the features or pricing plans. In this context, here we'll walk you through why e Clinical EMR is the user's first pick.

eClinicalWorks EMR Software:

eClinicalWorks is an eminent software that's earned an unmatchable rank in the highly saturated EMR market. The software scored a colossal customer base and experienced over $200 million annual revenue growth this year. In addition, the distinct functionalities of e Clinical EMR add to its credibility.

This phenomenal solution runs on a unique approach that users refer to as 'CPI.' It features a patient-centric approach coupled with endless customizability and innovativeness. Physicians are faced with countless complexities, and thus it puts forth intuitive yet customizable functionalities to help them tackle the intricacies with no hassle.

Adding to it, the software updates its already existing services to meet the emerging healthcare challenges. Its automated administrative and financial services give relaxation to all medical practices by letting them focus on essential tasks. Thus, it features a well-organized and streamlined workflow for enhancing practice efficiency.

Features of eClinicalWorks EMR

eClinicalWorks comes with all the fundamental features of an EMR solution. It offers practice management services and revenue cycle management services and integrates them into the EHR module. Appointment scheduling, data entry, patient portal, population health, interoperability are all the features included in this software.

But these services can easily be found in all other vendors. There's nothing new in that, is it? That means this system comes with certain distinctive functionalities. You might be wondering why medical professionals choose this comprehensive software over others. So, here's the list of its innovative services that grasp users' attention.

Mobile Compatibility

Here's the catch, this IT-driven healthcare software is a mobile-first solution. This was the first EMR platform ever to introduce the concept of portable health records. It ensures true cutting-edge technology to simplify the care management facilities. It also enables mobile printing and features an online wellness app for virtual care facilities. Physicians can manage their appointments and review patient cases keenly using mobile services. In addition, it saves in-house time as they can go through the documents on the go.

Health Analytics

eClinicalWorks EMR comes with an intact population health service. Coupled with AI technology, this feature identifies patients at risk. It runs a statistics check on the risk of contagious diseases or other infections a patient is susceptible to. It helps in providing timely care. This insight into the risk probability enables users to draft better treatment plans by considering all elements. This process minimizes the gap in patient care, leading to better outcomes and enhancing clinical productivity and patient satisfaction.


Whether it is document organization or document editing, ecw eClinicalWorks enables practitioners to handle everything like a pro. The platform offers a virtual assistant named EVA for this purpose. It helps process documents faster to meet clinical needs. It transforms patient visits into productive patient encounters with its instant data processing capabilities. This remarkable software also features a voice recognition tool to make document editing easier as it accurately transcribes words into text and saves physicians from data entry processes.

eClinicalWorks Review

Reviews are the golden factor that will help you understand the reason behind this big 'why.' Reading user feedback will open your eyes to a whole new aspect of this robust EMR system. You will get a chance to experience what lies ahead from the perspective of existing system users.

The first thing that's mentioned in the reviews of eClinicalWorks is its user-friendliness. It is easy to get the hang of this software once you see the training videos. User adores its telemedicine functionalities that allows for remote care delivery under strict security protocols. The support team of eClinicalWorks is highly cooperative and effective.

The review section of eClinicalWorks shows that its reporting capabilities work wonders for medical facilities. They highlight the attention-seeking areas to improve clinical productivity. However, there's one downside of the software: its continuous updating nature. This requires time to get used to the updated features.

eClinicalWorks Demo

Just like other EHR vendors, eClinicalWorks offers a free demo for its customers. This step is an initiative from the vendor's end to show users that it's a reliable and worth-investing software. This few-minute video demonstration of the ecw eClinicalWorks will walk you through all its essential services. You can schedule a demonstration at your convenience.

eClinicalWorks Pricing Plans

You might be interested in knowing the pricing structure of eClinicalWorks. It offers three pricing plans. Out of the two are all-inclusive pricing EHR packages, and one package exclusively caters to the RCM solution. Here come the best part, all pricing plans of eClinicalWorks software are inclusive of training videos and implementation fees.

Here are the cost details of this vendor:

  • An EHR-only solution for $499 per month per provider.
  • An EHR combined with a practice management solution for $599 per month per provider.
  • Revenue cycle solution charges 2.9% of monthly practice revenue collection.

Is eClinicalWorks EMR The Right Choice For You?

Before wrapping up, we want you to ponder over this question. This way, you can decide better than us if this solution works best in your interest. See if this investment will turn out to be fruitful for you or not. Weigh the pros and cons of e Clinical EMR by reading the reviews to see if it is truly worth investing in. Also, create a checklist of features to compare whether the provided services align with your clinical requirements.

This little research will help you make a well-thought-of decision. But if you think it is not a feasible option for you considering the mountain of workload, we are here for you. Reach out to us with your clinical requirements, and the experts of SoftwareFinder will handle this process smoothly, like butter. You will get your desired information ready on the plate to use for the decision-making process.

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