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Why are Custom Packaging Boxes So Important?

14 Jul 2021, 04:17 GMT+10

Fed up of seeing your e-commerce sales falling below the projected total?

Feeling sad because you failed to gather a similar number of likes, comments, thumbs up, and retweets to that of your competition?

Are you furious to see how other brands' products are diving off store shelves while yours is sitting there alone, cold and idle?

Alright, maybe itsounds a bit more dramatic in that last question, but the point still stands. It's infuriating when you continue to observe stagnant sales despite knowing that you have a fantastic product people would cherish.

The disappointment only increases when you have done the market research, tested your product's viability repeatedly.And have gained positive feedback from the ones who have purchased your goods and are of the view that it should be performing better than it is.

If it seems like a situation your business is currently dealing with, then it's time to look past your product and seriously consider your packaging.

Yes, you read that right, the packaging.

Though it may seem a little weird to consider product boxes, especially if you are truly selling a winning product or a range of products, what might be slowing you down is the package your goods are sold in.

If you are using pre-made packages for your brand, perhaps it's the best time to consider the benefits of custom printed rigid boxes or other customized packages for retail.

Why Custom Packaging Boxes?

Let's assume that you have ventured into a retail store. You were there to buy something specific, but as luck would have it, a particular product grasps your attention.

Even if it wasn't needed, you still end up buying that product, but before that, you picked it up off the shelf, closely examined it, and make a telepathic note of it.

Wondering why is that so?

Well, that's how the products are packaged.

Take custom printed rigid boxes, for instance. The bespoke containers have the power to sway consumer buying decisions. The bright-colored packaging with clear and easy-to-read fonts and carved in a unique shape stands out on the shelf than the monotone box with extremely difficult to read copy.

From a retail standpoint, bespoke packaging and terrific box design help the brand stick out and easily sets it apart from the competition. That's why retailers love solutions that can be customized as they make their job super easy, from stocking to bearing fewer overhead costs.

With regards to online shopping, great bespoke packaging help brands go beyond the virtual boundaries. Moreover, it creates a meaningful and exciting experience for the consumers. It encourages them to buy more and lures others to see what all the fuss is about.

In either case, eye-catching custom packaging can boost your brand's value and engagement with buyers and exposure, both in the long and short term.

But how can you make that possible? Indeed, great packaging is more than just vivid colors and clear typography. Let's uncover the unique benefits of custom packaging.

Fully Customizable

Packaging can be customized to fit your brand and the requirements of your products. Whether you sell cosmetics, apparel, toys, or tools, you need an outer shell that shields your products against perils and promotes them in the retail environment.

The key benefit is a practical one, especially when you are designing boxes for online businesses. Since custom boxes are carved to meet your requirements, so they offer better protection to your products when they are in transit. You cannot enclose and ship wine bottles in custom eyelash boxes. Nor would you dispatch dog food in custom mailer boxes. (If you do, we would love to know how it went down with the customer.)

For products sold in physical stores, robust packaging gives customers the peace of mind they deem. It keeps the contents secure when they leave the warehouse and saves your reputation from getting tainted.

Apart from this, custom packaging empowers brands to tell their stories on their own terms. You can artfully craft your narrative and print it on the outside of your packaging along with unique branding. Or convey it from the inside with distinct and exquisite inner packaging or insert.

You can also create packages in a way that helps glorify your product. Or educate buyers on how to use or consume the product or what benefits they could possibly gain from it. If this doesn't make any sense, then thank people for being your valued customers.

Custom product boxes even can offer an unforgettable experience to the customers. This can be beneficial if you have a subscription-based service, lifestyle brand, or one that heavily relies on gift purchases.

Creating a sense of exhilaration or making your buyers feel special greatly improves your brand's interaction with them after the purchase. And if the purchase is being sent as a gift, it will further elevate the experience.

When you choose to brand your packages and products, be assured that you can design them to meet your brand requirements and appeal to your target customers.

A Powerful Magnet for Consumers

A study has divulged that 70 percent of the buyers form their impression of a brand based on its product boxes. On the other hand, 64 percent of in-store buyers have divulged that they will buy products solely on the basis of their packaging. Similarly, 55 percent of online consumers are likely to give repeat business to a brand if their first purchase arrives in bespoke packaging.

Most importantly, 63 percent of the purchasers believe that product boxes are almost as important as the brand selling the product.

If you had any qualms, this stat proves that looks do count as consumers are attracted towards packages that look great. The other important point that's worth mentioning here is that it's a significant touchpoint between the brand and the customers. It's the only touchpoint in many instances.

Keep in mind that in-store packaging is the only direct interaction a buyer has with most brands. By the same token, the packaging is the only physical interaction a customer has with an online business.

Now, this puts emphasis on something that isn't even the actual thing people are looking to buy or are thinking to buy. Let's take this a step further and raise the temperature a notch up. Today, the packaging is also required to impress those who do not interact with your brand. At least, not directly. Word of mouth marketing is a big deal these days, and it will only intensify with time. According to research, 50 percent of the customers are much more likely to recommend a product or brand to an acquaintance if it sends its goods in attractive packaging.

And they don't just tell someone that hey, buy this or that. They share the virtues of your brand with family, friends, colleagues, and more importantly, they will share it through social media. That's why it absolutely necessary to keep the social media equation in your mind when developing a packaging strategy. For instance, snap the picture of the purchase along with the packaging and tag two friends or so on. Such campaigns often turn into a massive boon.

Things get even better if you manage to grasp an influencer's attention and get your product unboxed on a popular YouTube channel.

In this hyper-connected world, people love to share information. Give them the information that they could share with their friends. Introducing them to an up-and-coming brand that offers its products in exquisitely designed boxes will only make them want to scream.

And its bespoke packaging that does its thing.

Perception is Everything

Now, take things a notch up with another stat that says: 68 percent of the customers divulged that premium packaging is a reflection of a high-end brand. That actually adds a lot of value because when you up to your packaging game, you are basically increasing the value of your product in the minds of the customers.

Making a nominal investment to improve the exterior visage of your product could help you charge more than you have actually spent to produce it. And in this instance, buyers will gladly pay the premium. Chew on it for a second.

Mind you, the packaging isn't just about keeping a product safe. Nor it's a container that one could solely use to print the information of the enclosed product. Rather, it is a vessel that adds value to the transaction between the customer and brand. Let's see how it plays out.

Suppose you have decided to up your packaging game and invest in a branded packaging box that carries your logo—wondering if it will cost you a fortune? Well, the fact is that bespoke packages such as custom eyelash boxes cost a lot less than you think.

On numerous occasions, custom-made packaging actually saves you money. So when you are making packaging decisions, it is vital to work with your design, package manufacturing, and marketing teams to find the best for your brand.

Of course, initially, this outlay will cut into your revenue.

At this juncture, you probably be thinking that perhaps it wasn't good. And that's okay.

But with environmentally friendly packaging, you can suddenly become an eco-friendly brand. A brand that truly wants to transform its packaging into something more valuable and attractive. People prefer to buy from brands that are helping to make the world a better place. And they are raring to pay more for it.

And you know what, it brings value to your business.

Indeed, this is just one scenario. Depending on your niche, the goods you are selling, or the customer base you are targeting, there are quite a few ways to inject value into your brand by making a minimal investment to upgrade your packaging.

However, this tactic doesn't always guarantee more revenue. If you are keen to improve your profile, it's best to create around your product or perhaps make an effort to pull yourself out of the slump. And what could be a better way to do so than using bespoke retail packaging like custom eyelash boxes to accomplish these goals.

Remember when Coca-Cola started placing people's names on its bottles during its viral 'Share a Coke' campaign? Of course, we all do, and it was indeed a remarkable marketing campaign. However, you don't know that before the campaign, Coca-Cola had witnessed a decade's worth of declining sales.

That one out-of-the-box idea—printing people's names on bottles—helped them turned that slump into a two percent rise in sales after the campaign was launched.

All in all, what it depicts is that images do count. If you are like to improve your brand's perception in the eyes of your target customers, a simple packaging upgrade can aid you in raising the value. Isn't it worth a try?

Advertising in Eternity

Do you know what else these branded packages and similar custom mailer boxes upgrade mean for a brand? A lifespan after the sale.

Of course, bespoke packaging isn't meant to last forever. However, it may possibly last long enough for your ideal customers to take note of it.

Take the reusable custom mailer boxes of The Legacy Printing, for instance. When consumers receive their product encased in this sustainable packaging, it only counts as a singular transaction. However, when he uses that mailer box to store their personal belongings, ferry toys, or supplies, that singular transaction turns into multiple and indirect interactions.

When your product boxes stand out, your brand gathers attention it would have never experienced with throwaway or standard packaging solutions. Even if it fails to spike your sales immediately, it will draw attention to your brand, which stays alive in the customer's memory to be sought out later on.

It is vital to note here that your packaging is an indispensable part of purchasing experience, be it in-store, advertising campaigns, or the functionality of your e-store. A more straightforward example is the Coca-Cola promotion that was mentioned above. The idea behind that campaign is not to encourage people to buy a coke for themselves but to get one for their friends, family members, and loves ones.

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