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Living room with multiple doors and windows

23 Jun 2021, 20:42 GMT+10

Nowadays, people like rooms with plenty of windows and doors. It looks original and provides additional opportunities for unique design solutions. Let's get to know more about it.

Multiple windows in a living room

A living room with multiple doors and windows can surprise you with its beauty, but the main task here is to organize the space properly. The living room is an important room in the house, where guests can have rest, relax, celebrate holidays and just enjoy communication. Its interior largely characterizes the owner, speaks of his character and preferences. Nowadays, construction technologies do not stand still, and more and more apartments and houses with non-standard layouts appear. A special place among the premises, both in new buildings and in private houses and cottages, is occupied by living rooms with two (or more) windows, especially if they are located on different walls.

How to make it look great

The design of doors and windows depends on your taste and imagination, that's for sure. But are there any benefits of several windows in a room? Well, there are lots of them.

  • Furniture can be arranged in an original way between the two (or more) windows, using their arrangement to create interesting lighting effects, compositions, and installations.
  • A room in which there is more than one window opening is automatically more illuminated during the daytime. It will always be lighter and will require less energy consumption for artificial lighting, which will also save money by correctly using this property of the room.
  • Two or more windows open up a large number of possible options for arranging furniture, playing with prints and shades, shadows, and lighting methods.

The only disadvantage is the need for increased costs for heat, which may entail the need to install double-glazed windows with a large number of chambers and glasses. Nevertheless, with modern technological windows, you may not face such problems.

Design options

So, how to choose windows and doors? The best solution to select a quality product is to consult professionals and pay attention to your personal preferences. Qualified specialists can also tell you how to make windows and doors look good in your interior and how to decorate the house for them to look great. Here are some recommendations:

  • For wall decoration, it is better to choose wallpaper or other decorative materials with clear patterns that stand out quite strongly against the general background, since neutral and pale shades will look ugly in the sunlight.
  • The presence of various textures, zoning of the room can make the room original, transferring accents from one window to another.
  • Greenery in the room in the form of fresh flowers in pots will make the atmosphere more comfortable and healthy.
  • The use of mirrors in the interior can add originality by creating light illusions, visually expanding the space, filling the room with rainbow overflows.

Several doors can also do a good job for you. They are great for space organization.

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