Fri, 14 May 2021

Ramadan is the sacred festival of the Muslim. We are in 2021 and this time has a lot of restrictions imposed on account of a pandemic. All festivals have been greatly affected because of the Covid pandemic. But the holy month of Ramadan is just nearing.

In most Middle East countries, presently work-from-home trend is being followed. This is done to restrict the widespread pandemic infection. Most countries around the Middle East including UAE are following the same trend.

So, during this tough time, what could be expected from Ramadan? Will, it be a celebration out in the open or will it only be restricted till your home? Continue reading further for more.

In-Brief about Ramadan

The sacred month ofRamadan is observed around the world and in the Middle East in the ninth month of the Hijri calendar. Most countries in ME will experience the hottest days during Ramadan. It is either observed for 29 or 30 days. It depends on the calculations as per the Muslim astrologers and calendar.

People follow strict fasting for over 30 days during the entire month. It is time that begins and ends with a lot of hopes. As per the Muslim calendar, the season of Ramadan is expected to begin by April 12th. It will be observed for 30 days or 29 days, before Eid.

What activities are performed by Muslims during Ramadan?

In general, during the month-long Ramadan, people fast. The activity is mandatory for all Muslims to enter the fasting stage. Some may even want to visit the pilgrim spot during this month. Many of them would also enter into charitable works.

The entire joy of Ramadan in the Middle East is when families tend to meet each other and enjoy the holy month with them. But pandemic might have its restrictions this time. The gatherings may not be usual.

Due to travel restrictions as well most people may not be able to travel to the pilgrim spot for worship. Group prayers might also be restricted. The time this year is almost unpredictable at present.

Will mosques ion ME be open during Ramadan this year?

As far as last year is concerned, mosques were not allowed to open during Ramadan. People were able to offer their prayers from the comfort of their homes. The shopping before and during the Ramadan month was also very much restricted.

Most people had to depend on the online portals for essentials during this month. But as far as this year is concerned, mosques are expected to remain open during this month. For shopping, you will be able to enjoy better opportunities online with an Amazon promo code. You may also be permitted to shop within restrictions in the open malls in the Middle East.

Fasting breaking activity

In general, during Ramadan, people often prefer breaking their fast amongst their private or public gatherings. Many of them would visit extended family members. But the authorities have made it clear that this year's people would have to compromise.

They will be encouraged to break their fast within their family members in the house. They would not be allowed to visit their private or public groups to break the fast. During suhoor and Iftar, they may only be permitted to stay back at their homes

Restaurants and food inns

As far as Ramadan is concerned, people often prefer to break their fast enjoying their favourite food in the restaurants and food joints but due to pandemic, food joints and restaurants may not be permitted to open up for the general public.

So it is certain that you may have to enjoy your food indoors at your home This is one of the restrictions that countries in the Middle East are expected to follow during Ramadan. Free iftar meals may also not be permitted outdoors in the open.

Market malls

Right before Ramadan begins, local authorities will be opening up the market places and shopping malls. This means that people will be allowed to maintain Ramadan stocks at home. You can also look around for the Sivvi coupon code online for purchasing.

For families who want to celebrate Ramadan within their privacy will have the convenience to do so during this month. Everything will be normal, but you will have to enjoy it within your privacy at home. The authorities have also made it clear that open places and collective tents would not be given permissions this year.

You may not be able to buy stocks from the open market area. You will have to depend on online platforms and malls.

Lights and colours

The real charm of the Ramadan month is in the lights and decorations. There are certainly no restrictions imposed on using lights and decorations to celebrate. You can still get to enjoy the lights at your home. The streets will also be well decorated throughout the entire month.

Ramadan is a month of celebrations. This year hopefully it will be celebrated in most homes in the Middle East and the world. Enjoy Ramadan savings on everything you purchase and celebrate the season with your loved once.

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