Fri, 14 May 2021

Are you going to refurbish your home office? This is a good idea, and of course, you want to get the best items for your workplace. Thus, start with a new comfortable desk.

What can be better than a height-adjustable desk from a reliable company that specializes in their production? While you are checking desk options on, we would like to give you some tips on how to proceed with your choice and what to do further when the item finally arrives.

Use a Desk Builder to Construct Your Desk Online

The best companies take proper care of their clients. Thus, everything is available to make the choice of the desk convenient and painless. Among the possible benefits, you can use a special online tool called desk builder. With it, you can construct your perfect table directly on the company website, check whether the price is fine for you, and make your purchase.

Here is how the tool works:

  • You move to a respective page.
  • In the right screen part, you see the choices. Click on the element you choose, and it will appear in the left screen part.
  • Move on by clicking on the components you are choosing to make the desk.
  • Observe how the desk is being built in the left part of the screen.
  • Add the needed accessories. You can do it if you continue choosing the components in the right part of the screen.
  • Check whether the price is within your budget.
  • Now, the process is over. You can make the purchase and wait when the item arrives. You can start using your adjustable desk almost immediately after the receipt and a quick assembly.

Even though the choice is significant, you still might not find the model that you would love to use. No problem! Contact the company customer support and explain what you need. They for sure will be able to make a custom desk based on your requirements.

Make All the Needed Adjustments

Before though you plunge into loads of work, you need to set up everything properly. Otherwise, you will never get a wished effect and your new item isn't going to bring as much joy as you would expect.

Check what height is the best for you when you are working in a sitting position and which height shall be achieved to work conveniently in the standing position. Remember the values or program the desk to move within the needed range only.

Computer Monitor Support

Now, adjust your equipment. For example, doesn't matter whether you are working in a sitting or a standing position, the monitor screen shall be located at the level of your eyes. The tilt shall also be respected. Otherwise, you will need to bend or lift your head which creates an additional load on the neck and eyes.

If the needed position cannot be achieved, consider buying adjustable support for the monitor.

Keyboard Tray

The keyboard shall be located at the height that allows your hands to rest fully on it. Again, this position cannot be achieved if you are trying to use your laptop to work at the desk. If you want to avoid Tunnel syndrome, consider buying a keyboard. You might even have to install it on a special keyboard tray.

Cable Management System

If you use a height-adjustable desk, make sure you have fixed a proper cable management system. Now, your desk is going to move, and with it, all the cable arrangement will do the same. If you have pets, it might be dangerous for them and your equipment. Even if you live without pets, you can get tangled and turn over your desk with everything that you store on it.

You might be wondering now what cable management system you shall get. It depends on the number and size of the cables. If you see that just some clips will fix the issue, it is fine. If you use a lot of devices, you might want to buy a cable management sleeve or any other system that you like.

A Drawer

Now, it is time to arrange the accessories and all those small details that you use for work. You don't want them to be scattered around your new des, do you? Get a drawer for a height-adjustable desk. There are models that are created to be used specifically with this furniture piece. They can be installed under the tabletop and removed whenever you need it.

Final Thoughts

You spend at your workplace the biggest part of your day. Thus, make sure this place is as convenient and functional as it is possible. Equip it in a way to feel comfortable and enjoy your work.

Even if purchasing all the items is not feasible, you can build some of them. You can even build your own height-adjustable table, and it will serve you properly!

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