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Nowadays, lobsters and super delicious dishes cooked with lobster are known as a pricey indulgence. In the lobster family, we can find dozens of species. But when it comes to commercial importance, we seem to have only four species. One of them is Maine lobsters. If you are a big fan of Maine lobster, don't miss our useful information that is shared in the below article.

Maine lobsters - one of the best choice for commercial importance and culinary values

If we come to the best lobsters in the world, it is impossible to forget Maine lobsters. They are in the first place of this list. This kind of lobster is the symbol of New England and very popular throughout the United States.

Live Maine lobster- the best lobsters in the world

Maine lobsters are also called by other names such as Canadian lobsters or New England lobster, American lobsters ; And another name you have to remember is Homarus Americanus. Their shell is usually mottled brown or black - green. Maine lobsters have a long body and a pair of big, strong claws. From northeastern Canada to North Carolina of the USA is the place where fishermen can catch the number of lobsters in a year.

Why is Maine lobster always the first choice of the eaters? Because lobsters live in the cold water, so they don't grow up at a fast rate. This rate makes the Maine lobster meat be firmer and more succulent than the one in other places. One more thing we need to remember here is the cool temperature in their habitat. This factor helps the lobster meat not be permeated by the salt water and makes the Maine lobster meat be more commercially important.

Maine lobster meat is firm and succulent

They usually sell Maine lobsters as frozen lobster tails. If you don't freeze them, the meat will deteriorate very quickly. And this means lobster's value will be decreased, too.

At Fishermen's net, they are selling fresh, high quality lobster tails with a size of 4oz - 5oz

In this list, we also have some species such as European lobsters, California spiny lobster and Caribbean spiny lobster. You can catch European Lobsters in the eastern Atlantic Ocean or the Black Sea, as well as the Mediterranean, California lobsters on the Pacific coast and Caribbean spiny lobster from Bermuda to Brazil.

Although these kinds of lobster are similar to Maine lobsters in appearance, these lobsters are different a bit. European lobsters have a dark blue shell instead of black -green and mottled brown. California spiny lobsters have long antennae instead of claw and no way to find Caribbean spiny lobsters' claws.

Where to buy the most fresh lobsters in Maine?

There are many lobster shacks or markets in Maine where you can choose the most fresh lobsters for your meals. If you feel it is difficult to decide where to go and buy fresh lobsters when you are in Maine, please visit Fisherman's Net. It is a lobster shop with thousands of fresh lobsters for you to choose.

Visit the Fisherman's Net website here:

Many lobsters and dishes for you to choose at Fisherman's Net

We are sure that you can find everything related to Maine lobsters herein. After shopping at Fisherman's Net, a super delicious meal is waiting for you. At Fisherman's Net, they have not only Maine lobster, but also many kinds of seafood such as snails, fish, crabs. This store helps you to have a hearty meal with seafood.

You can come there and choose what you want in person. In case you don't have time to visit the store, don't worry! Just need to call them and lobsters will be delivered to your door quickly.

But how to choose Maine lobsters?

Buying the best Maine lobsters is not easy for anyone who is not grown up in the lobster-fishing community. You feel a headache when you stand among hundreds or thousands of live lobsters. They make you confused. At that time, keep in mind three below things:

How to choose the great lobsters?

Live and frozen lobsters

If your house is so far from stores, you have difficulty in storing lobster. In this case you should consider buying frozen lobsters. However, buying and cooking the live lobsters are always the best because your lobsters keep the best flavor.

Hard shell lobsters or soft shell lobster

They are not different lobster species. Hard shells and soft shells are just different stages in lobsters' life. When their old shells have been shed, the new ones are thinner and softer. There is water in the new shell and the lobster meat. Soft shell lobsters are not suitable for shipping because they can be deteriorated. Hard shell lobsters' meat yield is much higher than soft shell lobsters. If you wish to eat at the store, it is possible to try soft shell lobster. If you want to buy and send them out, don't hesitate to pay for hard shell lobsters.

Male of female lobsters

There is not much difference between male and female lobsters. But you shouldn't choose female lobsters for your meal because females, especially egg bearing lobsters should be back in the ocean and live for reproduction and keeping the lobster population stable.

If you have time to be in Maine, don't forget to visit Fisherman's Net, buy and try the best dishes cooked with fresh Maine lobsters. And remember to apply our above tips to choose the great lobsters for your meal.

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